The time I worked effectively with a variety of people, we were working on a project that the company intended to launch within a month. As a team, we were all committed to achieving the objective and, therefore, combined efforts and ensure there was effective communication. Eventually, the project came to successful completion, and it was launched.

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Whenever we worked as a team, one of us was selected as a team leader, and his/her responsibility will be to represent the team and make reports. I was once selected and drafting and presenting reports was part of the task. After the project, I prepared the report, and I was required to make a PowerPoint presentation to the management. Although it was my first time making a presentation, I was composed and focused.

We encountered a challenge in one of the projects we were working on due to time constraints. I decided to split the team into two so that we could work on separate sections and combine the results. We managed to complete the project on time and our time was ranked the best.

I have always trusted in teamwork where every member of the team shows commitment, which makes it easy for me to develop a team. When developing the team, I invite committed individuals in my group. Notably, I believe in transformational leadership and, therefore, I lead by example, My team members are motivated when they see me actively participating in team’s activities.

Whenever I was given multiple assignments, the first thing I did was a plan and incorporate time management. I would also work on one project at a time and ensure it is complete within the time I have allocated for that particular assignment.

When one is working on projects and assignment, he/she is bound to encounter challenges. It is the ability to identify those problems and their solution that determines a leader. I faced several challenges in the projects I was handling, but I would always identify them in the preliminary stage. I would then utilize my analytical skills to analyze the cause and find a solution before proceeding to the next step.