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Job Interview

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is used to assess the motivation of addicts seeking treatment for substance abuse. It is innovative because rather than focusing on telling patients what they should do or highlighting the health risks of addiction, motivational interviewing focuses on what the patient is ready for in terms of treatment....

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Soft Skills

Soft skills are the personal attributes that one needs to interact with customers and colleagues and succeed in the work environment. These are different from hard skills that may be defined as specific knowledge and abilities which are needed for specific jobs. Hard skills are easy to quantify and measure...

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Soft Skills To Succeed

The current paper is focused on how such qualities as self-awareness and continuous self-development contribute to a leader’s or manager’s personal success. These qualities are crucial to a successful leader and manager because they provide them with progress. The paper explains that a true leader has to be aware of...

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Interview Summary

Paul Cohen has been the town manager for the town of Chelmsford for the better part of a decade, and he was nice enough to participate in an interview, discussing some of the things that he does on a daily basis in his current capacity. In his role as a...

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Cover Sheet for a Job Interview

I am applying for the position of Sales Manager to further enhance my professional experience and do my utmost to make the American Airlines Cargo more profitable. I am pursuing the position that would enable me to apply my best organizational skills to advance customer satisfaction. As requested, I enclose...

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