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Job Interview

The Procedure of Job Interview

Introduction All those who aim to join a professional working environment are subject to the procedure of job interview. To many, this subject matter may seem well-understood and easy to accomplish. However, the very procedure assumes lots of tricky spots and gaps to be filled by a candidate to get...

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Cover Sheet for a Job Interview

I am applying for the position of Sales Manager to further enhance my professional experience and do my utmost to make the American Airlines Cargo more profitable. I am pursuing the position that would enable me to apply my best organizational skills to advance customer satisfaction. As requested, I enclose...

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Electronic Portfolio

Electronic Portfolio Introduction Before Internet, electronic, and mobile technology, portfolios were written and kept by hand on hard copy, traditional paper-based notebooks. However, current technology allows for portfolios to be kept electronically. An electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) is a collection of information used for the purpose of demonstrating how work has...

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Exit Interviews and Confidentiality

The treatment of confidential information is one of the most important ethical issue for staffing specialists, and specifically for human resources employees. When an employer promises employees that information will be remain confidential, they are obligated to keep this promise. On the one hand, it could be argued that it...

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Job Interview Essay

The time I worked effectively with a variety of people, we were working on a project that the company intended to launch within a month. As a team, we were all committed to achieving the objective and, therefore, combined efforts and ensure there was effective communication. Eventually, the project came...

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Interview with a Training Professional

For this interview, I chose the president and spokeswoman of a non-profit service dog organization in Texas. Her job as a training professional is very interesting because not only does she have to train her employees and volunteers, the participants (those receiving a service dog) also have to be trained...

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