In a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Job Market Leaves Fed in Limbo” the author Harriet Tory explained some ambiguous facts. She said in the article that the U.S. Labor Market added 150,000 jobs. On the other hand, the unemployment rate was still extremely low. The rest of the article illustrated an attempt to explain the severe issue of unemployment despite more available jobs. The author did not favor any particular position in the article. Instead, the facts were presented in a non-biased fashion. It is clear that those who are in high positions of power bear the blame for high unemployment equally as much as they receive praise when unemployment rates are low. As a response to the article, a letter to the author was drafted below.

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Job Market Leaves Fed in Limbo

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Attn: Harriet Tory
It is with great sorrow that I read your article concerning the present job market in the U.S. From what I gathered, there is a slight improvement in the amount of jobs that are available despite the fact that the employment rate was at a “record low” level similar to the year 2008. Although your article did not bring heavy attention upon the other problem, it was quite serious as well. The problem was wages. People are suffering from the fact that wages are too low. One person was said in your article to have indicated that $12-$15 per hour is still insufficient.

While your article brings to the surface a great problem that needs correction, it truly serves to make the reader feel as if corporations and the government believe that this problem is a game. Companies are playing with the lives of millions of people. It is due to the fact that they are worried about their bottom-line. They are worried about their stock performances and profits to such an extreme that they have no interest in offering a living wage with which people can afford to feed their families.

In the end, it would be better to read about this horrible truth than to pretend it does not exist. I would suggest that that you add a segment to your article about how people can empower themselves to become less dependent on giant corporations for financial stability. The government and corporations can create jobs just as easily as they can create a scarcity of jobs for their own benefit. Finally, your article is absolute proof that the lack of employment is not entirely due to the people of the nation being lazy. It is due to poor wage rates along with their freedom to increase the number of available jobs or reduce them at any time and for any reason.