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Trauma on the Job

Professionals across a variety of specialty areas who work with traumatic events and the persons who are affected by these incidents must employ many techniques which support their understanding of the plight of these victims, the severity of the trauma, its far-reaching impacts, and its influence on the surrounding environment...

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On-the-Job Training

Companies implement on-the-job training programs to enhance effective development among employees. Under on-the-job training, employees are provided with knowledge, skill, and competencies necessary to improve performance. It is essential that each organization provides an environment that allows employees to gain knowledge and practice new skills. During on-the-job training, co-workers with...

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Job Application Essay

I recently completed my nursing degree at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. During my time obtaining my degree, I was exposed to a wide variety of different nursing specialties including operative and perioperative care. Since my graduation in May 2017, I have been employed as a nurse at...

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Job Safety

Job security evaluation is a process that assists integrate acknowledged health and safety principles into a specific job operation. Within a JSA, every step of the task is to classify potentials hazards and suggest the harmless way to perform the task. Other phrases used to label this step are an...

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Job Interview Essay

The time I worked effectively with a variety of people, we were working on a project that the company intended to launch within a month. As a team, we were all committed to achieving the objective and, therefore, combined efforts and ensure there was effective communication. Eventually, the project came...

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