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Job Performance, Satisfaction and Motivation

With increased competition, rapid technological innovations, dynamic organizational structures and shorter product life-cycles defining the fast-paced environment of the modern business world, many employees are being subjected to more work activities. As such, more of them are suffering from high levels of stress at the workplace, compounded by issues regarding...

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Loss of Manufacturing Jobs

International trade is not the main reason for the loss of manufacturing jobs in the United States during the recent decades as there are other factors such as automation. The steep development in technology, especially robotics, should be blamed for a considerable decline in the number of jobs in the...

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Important Work Decision

Decision making is a crucial element in every organization. Even though some decisions may seem to appear as minute in the time of making them, they can escalate to something bigger, either positive or negative, in the near or later future. Decisions made every day define an organization. They determine...

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The Human Resource Recruitment Process

The human resource recruitment process is extensive and also essential as it ensures that companies worldwide are provided with a high level of capability from a personnel perspective. The more comprehensive and also efficient a human resource process is, the better the talent and capability a company is provided with....

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Employee’s Privacy Prior to Employment

Background Check In the course of searching for jobs, employers have a lot of control over the nature of information from the prospective employees. Although companies can gather information and do background checks, legally, before hiring new workers, the rights and the privacy of the employees are covered, and violations...

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