1. In fact, when I read the stories about these two courageous men, who sacrificed their lives in 9/11 tragedy, I think of what I do on the daily basis. There is a single world that could best describe what both John Ryan and Welles Crowther did, which is COURAGEOUS. From their stories, I learned that there are such situations when someone else may need my help, even if these would be the situations that may threaten my life. That is one and most important aspect that I learned from these stories.

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2. Personally, I think that it depends on the personal convictions and the particular circumstances. In such situations as a life-threatening cases, a lot would get a life-saving instinct. However, helping others, and particularly strangers would demand a lot of dedication and philanthropy. I think that there are not so many people who would feel dedicated so anyone unknown, however, they do exist among us, as one can see from these two stories. That gives me hope that people would actually step forward to help others.

3. Without a doubt, all of us have such potential as John Ryan and Welles Crowther, as they were ordinary people just living their lives as anyone else. However, they were courageous enough to step in and help others. However, each and everyone of us has to stay dedicated and work hard on the daily basis and practice philanthropy. As we can see from that story, any moment can come and change the lives of each of us. That is why it is important to challenge yourself. I sincerely hope that I personally will be able to act just as these two heroes did.

4. If I happened to know when and how the last hour of my life would come, I would try to do my normal routine. I think it is important not to try and change anything at the very last moment. Personally, I would prefer to call my family and say goodbye. I would also ask for forgiveness to all who might have been guilty. Afterward, I would try to go back to my routine and do something that is relaxing. I hope that would accepting the death would not be as painful as it initially seems.

5. I do not think that sports necessarily played a decisive role in what both individuals did. In my opinion, it was driven more by philanthropy and individual decisions rather than by the fact that they both played sports. Some of their actions may have been driven by the teamwork, which they were taught. However, it was not the most decisive factor in how they behaved in the given situation.

6. In fact, I do agree with the quotation as the teamwork is driven by the individual commitment of each and every member. It is yet possible that some team members may be better and more distinguished than others, yet it is not the final aspect that drives the behavior of others. That is why it is important to provide support to your teammates when they need it most.

7. In fact, the situation truly describes the commitment in the given situation. A great reaction proven by these two individuals shows how a single person can become a hero by being courageous. It is also true that you may live for decades and be unable to prove your commitment and courage, but in a single day, you will have the chance to demonstrate how things can change in the single moment through your actions in such situations as these two heroes occurred and paid the price through their lives.