I know you can’t understand what happened, I was driving on an empty road and suddenly a car appears and hit your car. This is the weirdest accident, I have ever come across, but you know, what was sad about the accident? The car that I was driving was the one that I borrowed from you. I am really sorry for that, but you need to trust me that it was not my fault. I was driving totally fine and trust me, it was almost an empty road with just one or two cars around. I still have no idea how did that happen and I feel quite ashamed about that. I wish I could undo it, but the least I can do is to fix the damage that has been done to your car. I promise, I will transform it in a brand new one. I could hide it by not telling you about the accident, but I thought it would be unethical to do that. The accident was not that severe. I just got a few scratches, but there were a few dents in the car. But I assure you that I will pay for whatever damage I have caused.

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Are you serious? Do I really need to divide my cookie? I just don’t understand that if you still have some and why you will ask me to share mine. The funniest thing knows that the other person hates to share food and still asking her to share some. I think he did that on purpose. He knew that I would hate dividing my cookie with him, so he planned to ask in front of everybody, so that I can’t say no. This is the cleverest thing ever. I don’t think I am going to spare him for that. I just can’t believe how he could do that. I mean, knowing that I will hate it; he still did that to irritate me and to make me angry. I think he knew that I will not going to say anything or yell at him in front of everybody. But this is just not fair. Having a plate full of cookies in front of him and asking me to divide mine. Nothing can be more annoying than that. I am not going to spare him and he is surely going to pay for what he did to me.

I’m sorry; I didn’t see you were there and stressed out with the whole thing. She stopped eating and I can surely tell that she also didn’t get enough sleep, as her eyes were quite swollen. I asked her what was wrong with her, but she didn’t tell me at first. I could clearly tell it from her face that she was going through a lot of pain. Finally, on my insist, she burst into tears all of a sudden and told me that her boyfriend was ignoring her from a past few weeks. I tried to console her and told her that he might be busy somewhere and it is also possible that he might be going through some tough times, so not to worry about that. But she didn’t get satisfied and told me that it’s been weeks that he was not talking to her properly and that she could see him carrying out all the other normal activities of the day. She also told me that somehow she got into his social media accounts and witnessed some of his chats with other girls with whom he was flirting around. I was shocked to hear that, as I didn’t think it was right to flirt with other girls while having a girlfriend. Further, she told me that through looking into their chat history, she got to know that he was also dating around with other girls.

But I tried to comfort her a lot. I was noticing that she completely lost her focus on the studies. Also, she became completely careless about her looks and dressing and as far as I remember, she used to be very well dressed and very conscious about her physical appearance. I had never seen her like this before. She told me that she was completely in love with him and didn’t want him to break up with her. I told her that if she knew all of these facts, she shouldn’t be with him at the first place. If a person is flirting around with the other girls, while having a relationship, he surely doesn’t deserve to be with someone loyal as her. I advised her to stay away from him, as he was just not worth it. A guy like that was surely not deserving of a girl like her. I don’t know if she understood my perspective, but even if she doesn’t, she soon will, as there is no way she can be with a guy like him.