This paper will cover a journal entry describing the research materials used in the final project as well as how they were used. It will cover the different ways the data collected will be analyzed and how these tests relate to the study.

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In my research project I made use of many different materials. The first of which was samplings of information taken from stay-at-home fathers about the pressures the social norms and gender bias have upon them. This was used to test if there is a link between how society views males and the lack of resources available for male victims of domestic violence. This leads into my second material which was an online survey for both male and female college aged students. The survey will cover response questions based on the research question and will allow for a wide variety of information to be used in discovering if gender bias does indeed play into the issue of male victims of domestic violence left without assistance or resources to empower themselves (Qualtrics Survey).

One of the ways I plan to analyze the data I have received from the following surveys is to make a bar chart or histogram of the frequency distribution. Through this “the central tendency of the distribution will be used as a means to estimate (mean, median and mode) the center of the distribution of values” (Final Project). In order to capture outliers and ensure the best possible analysis of the data is to make use of a Likert scale. This will allow for a wider interval measurement to capture a more holistic view of the responses recorded.

In this way the data collection for the study is best suited for capturing the standard deviation, central tendency, and representing the relationships between the variables shown in the data. The final project will best be able to make use of the data and allow for discrepancies in order to show the best view of what the data represents (Final Project). In this way it will create a better view of the information in order to answer the research question and fully detail whether based on this group of data and the studies involved, gender bias and social norms have an influence on the resources available for male victims of domestic abuse.