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The Heart Of Reuters

The location of Reuters made it possible for the employees in the building to witness the 9/11 bombing. It cause havoc in the firm as people reacted to the scenario in different ways. It was critical that Router’s ensured that all its employees were safe thus there was need to...

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Pulitzer Prizes

In recent years, the field of journalism and the media have struggled significantly with their credibility. The term “#FakeNews” follows the media, and they are accosted daily by the highest leaders. While the Golden Age of Journalism may be gone, there are still excellent examples in the field of journalism....

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Is Science Journalism Junk Entertainment?

Science has grown in popular in recent years. With the rise of the internet, the latest scientific breakthroughs can be found not only in virtual newspapers but on various blogs, Youtube clips and television channels. Yet many fear that the science peddled to the public by the mainstream media is...

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The Fairness Doctrine

The “Fairness Doctrine” was established in 1949 order to guarantee that media coverage of debatable issues had to be reported in a fair and balanced manner. The principle of the doctrine stemmed from concerns that different media outlets were able to pursue their own agendas for political purposes. This made...

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Does Journalism (Including Photography) Have Significant Political Impact?

Society is inundated with media coverage of every story, large or small. This is especially true when it comes to politics. The field of journalism has proven to be a powerhouse in the political arena. What the media reports, carries much weight in the outcomes of all things having a...

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Does Journalism have a Significant Political Impact?

The issue this paper will address is whether, and to what extent, journalism has a significant causal impact on the nature and practice of politics. This question is important because one central purpose of journalism is to inform the public about what is going on in the world. If it...

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Journalism Functions and Roles

Generally, news presented by journalists can be inferred as having positively influenced and impacted society especially when one considers informed debates about various vital societal issues like climate change, among others, and their influence on policy. Besides informing and educating the public, Scanlon, Whitelegg and Yates (1999) aver that other...

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Effects of Mass Media Paper

From the early 1900s to today, mass media has evolved in a tremendous way. Back when you can only get your news by waiting for the paperboy to throw today’s edition on your front door step or heading to the local market to grab an issue of your daily news...

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