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The Sign Above the Door

The book The Sign Above the Door by William W. Canfield discusses the historical significance of the feast of Passover in Judaism. It is also important in Christianity because it is a prominent story in the Old Testament. The book was originally published in 1912 by the Jewish Publication Society...

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What does the Book of Esther Tell Us About God?

Although God’s name is never mentioned in the Book of Esther, there is evidence to suggest that the book revolves around God’s desire to redeem his people. Perhaps the most compelling evidence to this end lies in the heritage of two of the books main characters – Esther and Haman....

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The History Of Judaism

Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world, where the adherents believe in the worship and belief in one God. The Israelites or the Hebrews began Judaism some thousands of years ago in the Middle East with Abraham viewed as the father of their faith (Scheindlin, 2000). Some...

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Being Jewish

The idea of “who is a Jew?” is a complicated one. A person is considered to be Jewish if she or she is born to a woman who is Jewish. The Reform movement also believes that a person with a Jewish father is Jewish. A person can convert to Judaism....

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Judaism Study Sheet

1. Torah: The written law of Jewish faith and culture comprised of all biblical laws pertaining to Judaism. The Torah, or Hebrew Bible, was given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai. It is also known or referred by non-Jews as the Old Testament, as well as the Chumash, Pentateuch...

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Judaism and Christianity

Judaism and Christianity are two of the world’s largest religions. They are also religions that share similar roots. Much of the terminology is the same between the two religions, and those who study both will quickly find that the two religions share certain books. Despite all of these similarities and...

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Why I Want To Become A Leader Of Jewish Campus

All religions need spiritual leaders in their communities. These leaders can help the religion develop and foster a positive relationship with the other members of the community. While the goal should not be to proselytize, the leaders of the community should seek to improve the understanding and knowledge in an...

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Jewish Religious Tradition

Within the Jewish religious tradition, narratives that include themes of exile are prominent, such as the exile of Moses to the desert. In these narratives, the concept of exile serves a powerful spiritual function. Separating oneself from the bonds and obligations of society opens the individual to an experience of...

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Herzl And Jews

1) Herzl contends that Jews in Europe are under constant pressure and persecution. It was his view at the time that all kinds of Jews found it difficult to live in Europe under the prevailing conditions. Upper class professionals felt pressure and were not afforded any sort of professional certainty...

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Herzl Views On Jewish People

1) Herzl states that the situation of the Jewish people is an extremely dire one. Herzl was concerned about a general rise in persecution and prejudice towards the Jewish people across Europe. Jews are persecuted wherever they go and do not experience the law as their fellow citizens do. These...

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Differences between Christianity and Judaism

Differences between Christianity and Judaism have been in existence for more than two thousand years, and the disparities are primarily based on dogma. The article “Why aren’t we Christians” by Aryeh Kaplan offers useful insights into the raging debate that has consumed the Christian on the one hand and the...

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Judaism Doctrine of Creation

In Judaism, the stories of Creation are found in the books of Genesis in the Torah, which demonstrate how G-d created the world in six days, to rest on the seventh day. Like in the Old Testament of the Bible, there is an inherently and widely accepted belief that G-d...

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The Messianic Tradition Within Judaism

The concept of a “messiah” figure within the Jewish tradition of faith is not a new one. Huston Smith begins his discussion of Jewish messianism with an anecdote about the notion of progress within the West and how those of the Jewish faith greatly influenced the conceptual framework of the...

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The Nature of Judaism

Judaism is one of the oldest and most important of the world religions, and is often seen as lying at the heart of much western history and culture. In order to understand the religion, it is necessary to understand both its unique features and the way in which these features...

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Islam, Judaism, Christianity

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all began in ancient times in the Middle East. All three recognize only one God. As might be expected, they have much in common, as well as some important differences. There is a lot of information about Christianity that is common knowledge, but information about the...

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Human Suffering: In Hinduism and Judaism

Human suffering is more than just a religious concept. It is reality; it is inevitability. Human suffering can come in all forms and is present within the world of every kind. There is human suffering and the reasons for it are plentiful, explained by several different religions and their corresponding...

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Exodus and the Relationship between Christianity and Judaism

he book of Exodus is one of the five Books of Moses. In a theological sense, it is understood to have been written by the Old Testament Prophet. It tells the story of the rescue of the Israelites from slavery and the forming of their covenant with God. It also...

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Philosophy And Religion On Judaism

Judaism is one of the largest religions in the world. It is a complex, cultural organization which in its modern manifestation can be perceived through many different, interconnected, and at times conflicting categories; nationality, ethnicity, civilization, and religious affiliation. Every one of those categories illustrates a different way of separating...

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Uncertain Belonging: Being Jewish in Argentina after the AMIA Bombing

From the Spanish colonial era to the present, the experience of Jews in Argentina has often been one of “uncertain belonging” (Lesser and Rein, 2010, 149). Even in periods where some came to consider themselves Argentines first and Jews second a sense of otherness lingered. The bombing of the Asociación...

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