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Differences between Christianity and Judaism

Differences between Christianity and Judaism have been in existence for more than two thousand years, and the disparities are primarily based on dogma. The article “Why aren’t we Christians” by Aryeh Kaplan offers useful insights into the raging debate that has consumed the Christian on the one hand and the...

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Judaism Doctrine of Creation

In Judaism, the stories of Creation are found in the books of Genesis in the Torah, which demonstrate how G-d created the world in six days, to rest on the seventh day. Like in the Old Testament of the Bible, there is an inherently and widely accepted belief that G-d...

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The Messianic Tradition Within Judaism

The concept of a “messiah” figure within the Jewish tradition of faith is not a new one. Huston Smith begins his discussion of Jewish messianism with an anecdote about the notion of progress within the West and how those of the Jewish faith greatly influenced the conceptual framework of the...

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The Nature of Judaism

Judaism is one of the oldest and most important of the world religions, and is often seen as lying at the heart of much western history and culture. In order to understand the religion, it is necessary to understand both its unique features and the way in which these features...

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Islam, Judaism, Christianity

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all began in ancient times in the Middle East. All three recognize only one God. As might be expected, they have much in common, as well as some important differences. There is a lot of information about Christianity that is common knowledge, but information about the...

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