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Criminal Justice Statistics

There are a number of different quantitative strategies that give individuals the ability to break down criminal justice trends in order to understand what is happening in the world today. Many focus on cumulative distribution figures, and these provide the theoretical basis for empirical distribution figures. When one considers the...

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Criminal Justice Perspectives

The perspective of criminal justice that this paper will discuss is the restorative aspect. The restorative justice perspective is impactful because it ensures retribution for the offences committed and provides an opportunity for the offenders to commence a process of readmission into the community after serving respective sentences. According to...

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The Areas of Traditional Justice

The traditional justice system can be distinguished in three categories: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Law enforcement is the “boots on the ground” and serves to ensure law and order in all aspects of American jurisdiction. Courts determine one’s crime and allow for habeus corpus and one’s legal defense. Finally,...

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The Cost of Justice

The society is governed by laws that regulate individual’s behavior and protect their rights. When a person goes against the set rules, they are considered to have committed a crime. It is the work of the judiciary to administer justice by ensuring that those who commit crimes are punished as...

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Ethics & Justice

The moral dilemma presented asks whether or not Mr. Allen was morally right in stealing a car in order to get his seriously injured son to the hospital. Although Mr. Allen asked the individual if he could borrow his car, the individual’s inability to comply with these demands directly influenced...

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