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Criminal Defense Strategies

Throughout the history of the criminal justice system, the defenses of people who have allegedly committed crimes have included many traditional arguments as well as extremely creative attempts to defend then. In two recent cases, defense attorneys used an updated version of a traditional self-defense argument, and another case involved...

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Legal Theories and how they Impact Jury Nullification

Legal theories help law practitioners to understand the various laws and how they are applied in real life. After studying the theories, they get to practice and test the theories in an actual environment. They opt to understand the various behaviours and how they can be used to enact justice...

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Reasons for Jury Nullification

There are several reasons for jury nullification, which can be divided into conventional and non-conventional explanations. Under conventional nullification, the jury nullifies a verdict by misapplying or disregarding the law (Fougère, 2018). The argument for the practice is that strict application of the law may lead to societal injustice. The...

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How Does Legal Theory Affect Jury Nullification?

Under normal circumstances, juries are expected to hear cases and determine the guilt or innocence of defendants. When one is confirmed guilty, the jury's role is to convict for the crimes. However, there are instances when juries find one guilty but acquit them. Even though the jury's power to acquit...

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The Role of Integrity in Criminal Justice

Integrity is essential to any profession, including criminal justice. Everyone, from a police trooper to heads of police departments, is expected to exercise the core virtues and ethics principles while accomplishing their professional mission. Integrity is also one of the most important requirements in the field of corrections: correctional officers...

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Blue Book Proper Citation

A proper bluebook posting for the US Supreme Court, should reflect in this order: first party, v for versus, second party, reporter volume, reporter abbreviation, first page of case, specific page referred to and finally the date of the decision. Town of Greece, N.Y. v. Galloway, 134 S.Ct. 467 (Mem)...

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Judiciary Branch’s Strengths & Weaknesses

The judiciary branch is listed as last in comparison to the other two branches. This is largely because the judiciary has more weakness than the executive or legislative branch. Alexander Hamilton, in the Federalist no. 78, criticized the judiciary as the weakest branch in government. Because congress can come up...

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Supreme Court Resolutions

The purpose of this discussion is to understand the context and resolution in three notable Supreme Court cases. The resolutions generated within the U.S. political system are consistent and multidimensional. It is possible to establish significant conclusions from existing research. Information for this analysis was selected from the relevant textbook...

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Social Justice and Social Change

Ethical decision making in organizations refers to making professional decisions in line with the established organizational and societal codes of conduct. The current organizations value social change as it results to success and prosperity of both employees and institutions. Ethical decision making impacts on social change in a number of...

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Culture, Ethnicity, Immigration And Nationalism

Despite the popular claims that ethnicity and nationality are losing their relevance in the global pro-democratic discourse, it is clear that many countries have these concepts codified into law. Looking at how the world approaches diversity and multiple nationality, it is possible to conclude that law treats the concepts of...

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American Court System: Court Designs And Functions

The purpose of court systems is to provide a decision on any issue that happens or any matter that brings about controversies. They decide the punishment for people who have committed crimes, solve disputes for people who cannot resolve themselves, and even interpret the law for the Republic. The United...

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American With Disabilities Act – Federal Policy Under American Justice Department

The U.S. Federal Justice Department oversees the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act legislation (ADA). This advantage of this important legislation assures the 1964 Civil Rights law provides both the protection of and guarantees all people with disabilities equal opportunities in education, employment, and the other civil liberties afforded every American...

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Creating a Civil and Ethical Environment

In the nursing work environment, establishing a framework of cohesion and civility is of critical importance to sustain a positive and meaningful approach to patient care. All nurses must work collaboratively to ensure that the work environment is cohesive, supportive, and appropriate for managing the needs of all patients. All...

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Rehabilitation versus Punishment in the Criminal Justice System

The fundamental purpose of the criminal justice system is to reduce crime by secluding those who break the law and correcting them. The idea is to reform them before allowing them to integrate back into society once again where they would ideally become model citizens. However, it is the way...

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Supreme Court and Elections

The Supreme Court has tackled numerous election related issue in the past twenty years, including its take on seminal issues such as the counting of ballots and pre-election campaign funding for individual candidates. The 2000 decision in Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98 (2000), resulted in resolution of the dispute...

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And Justice for All

The movie And Justice for All is a story about a criminal defense attorney and his struggles while seeking justice for his clients. He represents various clients who have either been accused of crimes they have some involvement in or have been wrongfully accused. A specific case involves a young...

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