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Examining Social Justice in the Modern Era

The concept of modern social justice is a complex one, as well as one that has become highly politicized over the past several years. While the original concept of social justice had been one of fighting for class equality and subsequently for gender and racial equality in society, as well...

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Social Justice in Healthcare Access

There are a myriad of social justice issues that are fervently debated in the world today. In many cases, the debate over healthcare access in the United States can be very contentious. The health of all people is of great importance. Acquiring healthcare is often extremely burdensome, or in many...

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Is Justice Just?

This essay discusses the American judicial system, it’s funds, costs, and effectiveness in creating a just society for all. It starts off with a simple analysis of what justice truly is, and how law enforcement manipulates people’s moral compasses. It then develops into a question of whether or not America...

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Restorative Justice

Based on its definition and expected benefits, restorative justice is more effective for rehabilitating offenders, reintegrating them into society and generally reducing offending. Restorative justice is a new way of responding to criminal behavior. Rather than mere punitive responses, restorative justice takes the interest and needs of the offender, victims,...

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Justice Essay

Justice echoes as a term from ages past, when the earliest philosophers thought about their human community. Plato’s Republic centered on what it means to be just in the city, what a community looks like when founded on justice. Since then, or even before that, justice has deserved a central...

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