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Restorative Justice Paper

Restorative justice is based on an approach to crime that is more expansive than the traditional. That model typically goes to strict processes of apprehending offenders, determining guilt, and setting the appropriate punishment. With the restorative, crime is immediately addressed in a more comprehensive way. There is, for example, an...

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Justice Essay

Justice echoes as a term from ages past, when the earliest philosophers thought about their human community. Plato’s Republic centered on what it means to be just in the city, what a community looks like when founded on justice. Since then, or even before that, justice has deserved a central...

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What is Justice?

Thomas Hobbes: Hobbes defines justice in terms in term of a social contract in which a covenant is established without which any authentic judicial system is impossible. What Thomas Hobbes is actually questioning in his landmark work of literature titled “Leviathan” is whether it is possible such a covenant can...

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Global Justice/Anti-Globalization

Up to this moment, globalization as a social science discipline remains to be a contested concept in the cultural and social science theories. Despite, the triumphant analysis regarding the spread of capital and technology around the globe to the exploration of the inequalities that the new world seems to promote,...

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Social Justice Advocacy in Nursing

Advocacy in nursing is the tendency by an individual nurse or a group of nurses to influence decisions within economic, political or social systems as well as institutions (Paquin, 2011). The core objective of advocacy is to initiate changes in the nursing world to make their day to day operations...

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