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The Role of Integrity in Criminal Justice

Integrity is essential to any profession, including criminal justice. Everyone, from a police trooper to heads of police departments, is expected to exercise the core virtues and ethics principles while accomplishing their professional mission. Integrity is also one of the most important requirements in the field of corrections: correctional officers...

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Blue Book Proper Citation

A proper bluebook posting for the US Supreme Court, should reflect in this order: first party, v for versus, second party, reporter volume, reporter abbreviation, first page of case, specific page referred to and finally the date of the decision. Town of Greece, N.Y. v. Galloway, 134 S.Ct. 467 (Mem)...

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Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Judicial Branch

The judiciary branch is listed as last in comparison to the other two branches. This is largely because the judiciary has more weakness than the executive or legislative branch. Alexander Hamilton, in the Federalist no. 78, criticized the judiciary as the weakest branch in government. Because congress can come up...

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Supreme Court Resolutions

The purpose of this discussion is to understand the context and resolution in three notable Supreme Court cases. The resolutions generated within the U.S. political system are consistent and multidimensional. It is possible to establish significant conclusions from existing research. Information for this analysis was selected from the relevant textbook...

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Social Justice and Social Change

Ethical decision making in organizations refers to making professional decisions in line with the established organizational and societal codes of conduct. The current organizations value social change as it results to success and prosperity of both employees and institutions. Ethical decision making impacts on social change in a number of...

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