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Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile Case

Following the Juvenile case study featuring Jessica, rehabilitation is the best treatment option. It is established from the case that, Jessica, from an early age, has been confronted with family challenges which have placed an extra burden on her. These occurrences include her mother who we are driven to believe...

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Why Houston ISD Need Child Advocacy Programs

Advocacy programs are often very important in the society as they help in certain sensitization programs. Advocacy programs are also always used to discourage certain vices in the society that could compromise cherished values. At organization levels, acts of advocacy are at times embraced in order to promote general objectives...

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Juvenile Justice and Treatment

Juveniles that enter the criminal justice system often have substance abuse problems, as well as other psychological issues. It is important to assess thoroughly and treat these minors in an effort to release healthy individuals. It is imperative that the justice system and the treatment systems be integrated. The rate...

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The Difference between Juvenile and Institutional Corrections

Describe the differences between juvenile community corrections and institutional corrections Juvenile community corrections differ from institutional corrections in the following ways. First, juvenile community corrections involve supervision in the community when juvenile probation takes place whereas institutional corrections involves juveniles’ placement in semi-secure or secure institutional facilities such as temporary...

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Should Juveniles be sentenced to Life in Prison?

Sentencing the juveniles to life imprisonment in the absence of the possibility of a parole is inherently inhumane and cruel. A majority of the juveniles do not fully understand the level of severity that is associated with their crimes as well as the level of their prosecutions. For instance, a...

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