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Juvenile Delinquency

Proposals for Reforming Juvenile Court

1. Background In 1899, the states of Colorado and Illinois created what was then known as Children’s Court. This idea was one that had spread to most states of America in the 20 years that followed, and the rationale behind them, driven by children’s right advocates and women’s organizations, was...

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Juvenile vs. Court

The judicial system of the US is very ‘vocal’ in the protection of juveniles. It is tailored to ensure that juvenile offenders get as much help as they can so that they are able to rehabilitate their tendencies or behavior. Adult offenders are also assisted by the justice system to...

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Juvenile Murderers and Prison Sentences

Since 2012, the United States Supreme Court has made a dramatic turn in its treatment of inmates who were convicted of first-degree murders when they were juveniles and were given mandatory life sentences without parole. The decisions back in 2012 and 2016 were based on the premise that sentencing juveniles...

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Juvenile Justice

Juvenile arrests are arrests made of persons under the age of eighteen. In the year 2008, about 2.11 million arrests were made of persons under the age of eighteen; this recorded a 3% decline in the number of juvenile arrests compared to the year 2007 (Charles Puzzanchera, 2009). Violent crimes...

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The Juvenile Justice System

The juvenile justice system in the United States is much like the adult justice system, with a few important differences. When “juvenile” offenders – those under the age of 18 – commit a crime, they are treated a lot like an adult would be, in similar circumstances such as being...

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