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Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile Delinquency

The causes behind juvenile delinquency have long been debated. Based on research that suggests the human brain is not fully mature until at least 25 years of age, the justice system established a separate system specifically for juveniles. The separation of systems provided different repercussions for juvenile offenders compared to...

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The Political and Economic Context of Juvenile Delinquency From the 1800s

In the United States, the development, implementation, and evolution of juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice were associated with differing political and economic contexts. The justice system began to develop in the early 1800s in response to growing economic inequality and corresponding crime, and juveniles were initially treated in the same...

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Jurisdiction of Juvenile Court

The punishment on children and young persons is restricted by Juvenile Offenders Ordinance. The former is a person below fourteen years old. The latter is a person whose age is between fourteen and sixteen years old (these frames vary across the states so that the highest limit can reach eighteen...

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Handling Juveniles

Police have a lot of responsibilities and power that they can use to help ensure that juvenile cases are handled discreetly. In all cases, police should have a level of discretion but this holds especially true for juvenile cases. Police have a wider range of options they can use when...

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Future of the Juvenile System Proposal

Introduction Every year, many children and adolescents are involved in the juvenile court systems in various ways. While punishment is fair in the case that there is crime committed, there are many cases in which children and adolescents still may become involved in the juvenile court system regardless. This is...

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