Produced by Supa Dups, The Tide is High is a remarkably percussive, dancehall-inspired hip hop version that was included on the artist’s album Not 4 Sale (Lewis The single became available on iTunes in October 2008 and in 2010 where the CRIA classified it as “Gold” (Lewis
It is a popular song that has been remixed by numerous artists and groups, including Atomic Kitten. Moreover, other groups’ artists such as Kardinal Offishall and Keri Hilson have remixed the song. Released in 2008 by Kon Live/Geffen Records, the remixed version of The Tide is High is more in line with the latest music trends. By incorporating an engaging rhythmic beat into the song, Kardinal Offishall succeeded in transforming The Tide is High into a song that makes people want to dance and sing along with him.

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Kardinal Offishall and Keri Hilson’s version of The Tide is High consists of three main elements: a hook, verse and an instrumental interlude. The moment the rapper comes in, it becomes obvious that his goal is to let the audience hear what Blondie’s imaginary man has to say. He starts by saying “She’s just my part time lover – Pretty little thing – Nothing I would ever think about giving no ring”, thus making it clear that he has absolutely no intention to be with the girl who is trying so hard to win his heart (Metro Lyrics

I would defend this song by pointing out that, it may not be the world’s most elaborate song. However, music is an art that is highly subjective. Therefore, we should not judge each other by our favorite music genres. The Tide is High is a joyous song that conveys several positive messages. Specifically, the song was originally sung by Blondie, who spoke to her imaginary loved one, telling him that she is so determined to be with him.

I understand that the song is not romantic or meaningful as Dean Martin’s You Belong to Me, which one would probably appreciate more than The Tide is High. However, superficial or overly modern songs can bring up nice memories and make us feel better.

As explained by Tiffany Jenkins from BBC, music has been an important mnemonic device. It has the ability to help the hippocampus and frontal cortex of our brains to retrieve old memories and information. However, human beings have different tastes in music. Hence, I am sure you (the landlady), also have some favorite songs and films that I would probably dislike, and yet I would not judge you for playing them whenever you feel like playing them. Hence, both films and music are equally important expressions of popular culture: they influence our thoughts and are shaped by our preferences.

It follows that by judging me on the basis of the music I like, you are also judging my cultural background. I agree that most of today’s music have been recycled. However, the same applies to the past music productions. Nevertheless, contemporary artists are required to stand out and distinguish themselves from thousands of competitors, which will make the music industry extremely complex. Recycling and remixing old hits is an excellent way for singers to obtain quality material. Moreover, it gives new life to the past materials hence maintain its relevance (Holden According to Holden, singers like Elvis Costello, Annie Lennox, and Gloria Estefan has clearly demonstrated old songs can be remixed so that they meet the expectations and needs of today’s listeners.

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