Communism has spread throughout Europe, and its presence is well known. Its ideals and motives are different of what we think today’s society should be, but nonetheless, it is a way of governing society. This is the “universal proletarian revolution” that Karl Marx and the early leaders of the Communist party were predicting. It is the Communist Manifesto that has distributed its ideas to the people of the working class, and roused them in order to revolt against the tormentors of the upper class.

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This struggle between the bourgeois and the proletariats stemmed from the early ideals of feudalism, an idea of society that promoted the separation of classes according to social standing. The more powerful you are, the higher you are up the social ladder. For years, these working class people have been stuck in a place that they do not want to be in. The bourgeoisie are the people of the middle class who owns the means of production in a capitalist society. They “subjected the country to the rule of the town,” asserting their power over their workers, the proletariats. These are the shopkeepers, the factory workers, and the peasants who work for the bourgeois class.

As technology developed, so did the number of proletariats. They grew in large concentrations, and became stronger over time. This is why the proletariat class is special from all of the other social classes before who attempted to overthrow the bourgeoisie. The proletariat class is the essential ingredient in the modern industry. They do not try to protect their present, but they understand the important of defending their future. They do not own property and are centered on family, while the bourgeoisie do not necessarily care for those family-oriented ideals.

This struggle virtually led to the creation of the Communist party, which is basically an enhanced version of the proletariats. The Communists can be deemed as the most dangerous working class. They have goals to overthrow the bourgeoisie due to the possession of a large majority of the proletariat people. The Communists want to create a class for the proletariats, overthrow the reign of the bourgeois, and claim political power for the working class people. In the journey to do so, the Communist class has to undergo a serious change in the way they live.

First, they have to abolish property of land and make this usage for public purposes, and then they will implement a great taxation of all society. They will eliminate inheritances, confiscate property of anyone who opposes, centralize credit to the country and establish an exclusive monopoly. They will also centralize communication and transportation, while extending the powers of the state to oversee all instruments of production. There will be an equality in people’s ability to work, a combination of town and country through a cohesion of manufacturing and agriculture, an abolition of child labor, and the creation of free education. All of these add up to form the Communist party that we know today.

Class distinctions disappear under the Communist rule, and production in the country is controlled by the state. Society itself is one big class, and everyone is an equal part of it in the Communist view. This trumps the bourgeois, and this movement truly defines the revolution of the proletariat class.