Dear Sir,
We are writing to schedule an appointment with you with a purpose of discussing the terms of the contract between Karleskey & Lewis I/ O Consultant Firm and “Incredible Sports Gear”. Although we tentatively agreed to meet October 30 at 5.00 pm, I kindly ask you to delay our meeting. The postponing is needed as our clients have not provided necessary documents for signing the contract. We are waiting for their reply, and as soon as we get it, we will contact you. We hope that you are interested in our appointment as we are going to sign a lucrative contract with you.

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During our appointment, we are going to discuss with you what sorts of sports gear we need for our client company “The American Dream” to fulfil their needs and expectations. The CEO of the company is intended to equip five gyms for their employees. We need equipment that will help the workers to get rid of chronic weariness and relieve stress. In the company, there are disabled people. They also need special equipment to help them integrate into the corporate culture and participate in the physical activities. Our customer is not sure about the type of equipment, and they ask us to help them solve this problem. We hope that your company will help us to select necessary sports gear. We seek to rely on your professionalism and high quality of your equipment.

We want to excuse for the inconvenience caused and ask you to meet November 5 at 5.30 pm at your office. We would like to look through the catalog and get your recommendations. Could you please confirm the meeting? If the arranged date and time are inconvenient for you, please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.

CEO of Karleskey & Lewis I/ O Consultant Firm

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