1) Kemalism is dedicated to a republican form of government, which they believe will best secure the national sovereignty of the state of Turkey. Kemalism is very similar to the United States government in many ways, the obvious being that they are both democratic republics where citizens elect officials to represent them. They are also similar in the belief that all citizens are equal before the law and in separation of church and state. The American and Turkish system both have an executive branch, an assembly with legislative powers and also a judicial branch which is independent.

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2) The State under Kemalism is to protect the general and the essential interests of the nation. The government is to encourage private enterprises and also regulates and controls the work that is being done. The state has the power to appropriate private enterprise if it is deemed to be in the public interest to do so. Appropriation will require law to be passed, as well as compensation to the private entrepreneur for loss he incurs.

3) Women under Kemalism are granted equal rights to their male counterparts. The government also encouraged women to discard their veils as well as granting them the right to vote in 1934. In regards to religion Kemalism believes laws, regulations, and methods employed by the state should be scientific and technical, however the government also states that religion is integral to the success of the nation as well as to the progression it will make. That being said Kemalism makes it clear that religion should be separate from politics and from government as well.