I started my college career at the University of Alabama (UA). My first major was Food & Nutrition but I soon realized there was a mismatch between my strengths and my desire to help people adopt healthier nutritional lifestyle. However, I figured out there are more than one ways to help improve the society, and this time my family history served as an inspiration. One of my grandfathers served in the police while the other one was a firefighter and now two of my uncles are in the police.
I transferred from UA to Montgomery College in Maryland where my strong academic performance in introductory criminal justice classes convinced me my future lies in the criminal justice field. As my community college career comes to an end, University of Maryland (UMD) has emerged as a clear winner among all the colleges I have researched.

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UMD caught my attention because it has top-ranked undergraduate and graduate programs in Criminology & Criminal Justice (CCJ) in the nation. I am committed to lifelong learning and plan to return for graduate school to further advance my academic credentials. I also realize I will have access to the university’s strong professional network which will not only enable me to network with the industry leaders and the professionals but also access internship opportunities in the DC metro area. The university’s strategic location will also afford me access to the city’s vibrant arts & cultural scene.

UMD is one of the most diverse universities in the nation, and I look forward to learning from fellow students as well. We live in times that are increasingly being shaped by the forces of globalization, and it is important to develop strong cross-cultural skills. I was actively involved in on-campus co-curricular activities at UA and plan to do the same at UMD because co-curricular activities help one improve his soft skills such as communication, leadership, time management, and teamwork.

I look forward to have some of the most productive years of my life at UMD. I have heard from current and past students of the CCJ program at UMD, and they had nothing but great things to say about their in-class and outside-class experiences. This gives me confidence I will have the time of my life at UMD.