Kaplan (2013) discusses the performance management of Mars, and highlights how the chocolate and confectionary empire has maintained its reputation for being family owned. It appears as though Mars. Inc. has been able to advance its management expertise through the perks it offers its employees, which in turn engenders them to remain working there for a number of years. Moreover, the company has also instituted more diversity in its workplace, which only exemplifies its reputation as whole (p.1). Since performance management is a key process where companies seek to improve their overall effectiveness through involving employees, it stands to reason that Mars, Inc. thoroughly and extensively understands how to ensure its goals are being met efficiently and effectively – as much as possible.
Robison (2008) believes that Mars, Inc. understands the elements of business and has used this to continue its engagement across all levels of the organization. Even with a significant amount of managers and changes in employees over the years, the company has continually engaged its employees through outstanding uniformity in all areas it operates in (p.1). This particular dynamic has only solidified why Mars, Inc. has been able to be consistent within the business world. They have successfully withstood multiple challenges because there is a dynamic woven within their mission and vision to keep consistency on many, different levels.

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Annotated Bibliography
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Alberts & Cidell (2006) examine the patterns of consumption of chocolate and how manufacturers can successfully tweak their focus in terms of advertising and marketing with respect to quality. This will assist the research in highlighting what is currently working with Mars’ marketing and what is not within the purview of chocolate and the consumption of it in the United States, and Europe.

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KPMG examines the current trends in the chocolate industry and how companies should incorporate them into their strategies to extend their reputations and profitability. This article will help in detailing Mars, Inc.’ reputation both domestically and internationally.

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The article discusses how Mars is improving its manufacturing for confections and chocolate, candy and the like in order to comply with the changing dietary needs and standards that consumers are looking for. This article will provide a sufficient assessment of how Mars is willing to shift its strategy in order to maintain viability in the eyes of consumers.

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Gasparro identifies how Mars, Inc. has been able to expand within the consumers’ good industry amidst problems that other companies have had. This source will provide a substantive understanding of how Mars, Inc. has been able to withstand the many issues that they have undoubtedly come across over the years.

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This article discusses an opening of a new safety standards center that Mars executed in order to provide additional reasoning behind its safety initiatives and overwhelming efforts to ensure that it meets the standards set forth by the government. Additionally, the article provides a thorough understanding of Mars’ innovation within the food, agricultural and health industries. This article will offer a specific basis for the reasons behind the company’s longevity and success within the context of management.

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