One of the keywords is inequality. In my writings, I have focused on the different outcomes that people suffer from in their daily lives. In particular, I focused on healthcare inequality and the outcomes that arise with healthcare policy. In wrote about the deep inequality in various parts of American life, including in how little women are paid in comparison to men and how little people of various races are paid in comparison to white people. Importantly, these discussions on inequality were had in the context of how th does not often live up to its promise of providing a fair and even playing ground for people today.
I wrote about democracy, as well, in many of my writings. The context of my discussions on democracy had to do with some of the failures in governance that often occur in the world, especially in places where fairness and equality as not particularly important values. For instance, I spent a significant amount of time discussing the way people are governed in parts of Africa. I discussed democracy as an ideal that most strive for, and as an excellent system that can provide people with a voice in government. Too often state power and special interests keep democracy from taking full hold in some countries.

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Another important word from my work was the term “developing.” Many of the discussions centered on the nature of a given country. For instance, it was important to understand where a country was in its development in order to know how to address the problems it had with its healthcare. Importantly, my writings discussed developing nations in Africa and how they had many disease outbreaks that needed fixing. Developing countries, it seems, often do not have the resources they need to deal with these mounting emergencies when they happen.