KFC is a fast food restaurant that operates in multiple markets and is known as the second largest restaurant chain behind McDonald’s. Founded by Harland Sanders in 1930, who branded himself the Colonel, the company is one of the most recognized for its food offerings which consist of all things chicken that is seasoned with the recipe of 11 herbs and spices (KFC-Arabia, 2014). KFC’s marketing is unique, adhering to its target markets with respect to the country that it is in and the product offerings available. For example, in New Zealand, consumers can purchase a “Hawaiian Zinger Burger, noted as a taste sensation prepared with juicy pineapple” (KFC New Zealand, 2014) while in the UAE, consumers can partake in the Grilled Chicken Twister, along with other specialty items particular to the geographic area. As such, KFC participates primarily in demographics segmentation as well as lifestyle segmentation. This specific part of the report will discuss both types of segmentation and the marketing opportunities related to what KFC can do to grow in the UAE.

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Demographics segmentation relates to a variety of aspects, but for KFC in the UAE, one variable will be age. Faust (2012) documents that fast food has spread globally to the UAE due to affordability, quick service and convenience and it has been this way since the 1980s (p.1). Given this, KFC is a fast food chain that has capitalized on young adults mostly, who enjoy fast food. Hitti (2008) highlights that demographically, young people enjoy fast food because it is fun, entertaining, tasty for the most part and quick – and of course, there is no cooking involved for them (p.1). This is a target market that KFC UAE has targeted and can continue to target.

Regarding lifestyle segmentation, KFC UAE, understands that it must have appealing items. These including the dinner meal, which is 3 pieces of chicken, regular coleslaw, fries, bun and drink or a wealth of sandwiches that include the chicken poppers sandwich, or boneless fillet snackable (KFC-Arabia, 2014). KFC UAE caters to the young adult ages 18-29 knowing that they are either college students, and working individuals who can be swayed by the reputation of the fast food chain and due to the satisfyingly, delicious chicken that they will be served. KFC UAE understands the attitudes of consumers with its offerings. Faust (2012) notes that globalization has played a key role in why fast food consumption in the United Arab Emirates has skyrocketed and that its effects are not lessening anytime soon (p.1). KFC UAE in its lifestyle segmentation has taken into consideration the interests of young adults in revamping its menu to ensure that it is appealing to each individual that enjoys fast food. There is not an offering on the menu that a young adult cannot enjoy.

Based on the existing target market, there is reason to believe that those age 30-49 equally enjoy fast food as much as the young adults. The reason for this is that those age 30-49 were young at one time and saw an influx of KFC into the UAE. However, this must be tested using a survey to determine if the current offerings that KFC UAE offers are satisfactory or if the menu will needed to be tailored. Presently, KFC UAE has the following sections noted as chicken for me, or individualized meals; family meal; sandwiches; zinger shrimpo; value menu; snackables; signature sides; desserts; kid’s choice; krushers and beverages. In order to determine what those 30-49 want to be changed on the menu as far as existing offerings, a survey that consisted of 10 questions yielding yes/no responses was performed and a group of 20 individuals were asked to determine whether the existing menu items are sufficient or if new ones are needed considering the additional target population. *See Appendix for survey questions.

Based on the data collected, the participants in the survey, it seems that those 30-49 would like newer offerings centered more on chicken and aspects related to the UAE. Emirati cuisine is unique and consists of a variety of spices including turmeric, saffron and thyme. It appears that those 30-49 want more spice added to the dishes at KFC UAE. Moreover, there is an overall theme regarding the need for kebabs to be offered as well as camel milk as an option. Further, the individuals asked felt that there were not a sufficient enough of vegetable offerings. At present, KFC UAE offers coleslaw, fries in two types, corn, and onion rings. This can be changed by incorporating more vegetable options. Desserts could also be updated to include femi or halvah, or even luqaimat. Overall, the survey revealed that those 30-49 prefer staples related to the UAE in addition to the current KFC novelties.