The Academic Excellence Indicator System
The school has 872 students and has a grade span of 5. The prekindergarten has 72 children; the kindergarten has 115 children. Grade 1,2,3,4 and 5 has 106,148,141,132 and 158 students respectively. The mission of the school is t strive in building a community of learners who are able to promote the student active learning not forgetting success. Maintaining the interests of the students at school and motivating them to learn should be one of the key objectives of the teachers and staff at the school.

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Diversity and how the school and teachers are dealing with it
The ethnic distribution in the school includes African American totaling to 226 students, Hispanic students totaling to 365 students, whites amounting to 48. Asian students, Pacific Islander students and people with more than one race total to 215, 3 and 15 respectively. The school has a diverse population and many students are not of the native English. This is not a simple process where one can only plug the information needed. The teachers, parents and staff should be able to celebrate the school�s cultural diversity in an environment which is safe and secure.

Language and literacy are the most essential art of education since all the other learning in the class would be impossible without the involvement of the reading, writing, listening, speaking and the view for the purpose of gaining more knowledge. Since the school has different ethnicities, the school has employed teachers from every ethnic group to help booster the language problem. The teachers by ethnicity ratio corresponds to the students by ethnicity ration which is a good thought there are no teachers for the pacific islander and students with more than one race.

Social and economic status and disability
The school has some economically disadvantaged students (602), and many have limited English proficiency at around 270. The ratio of students per single teacher is 14.9 which is acceptable. The school has programs to help the economically disadvantaged students, and there is special education for people with disabilities. The school is accommodating all students regardless of their ethnicity and economic status in which they make sure the teachers are teaching them well despite the problem of language.

Programs the school is using to close the achievement gap
The school believes quality education makes students achieve the highest ratings which are awarded by the state. The school plans to increase the achievement of the students in all subjects and in all levels of grading. The teachers will be enhanced by a strong support system which is aligned to technology, personnel development and professional enhancement to make sure almost all students succeed and pass the required benchmarks. The school also plans to increase the achievements of the students while improving the faculty to liaise with the parents and the staff through increased communication to parents, students and the community at large. This will lead to building of character so that the students can become productive in the society while ensuring success in academic fields. The school intends to provide students with a support system targeting research and language improvement. The school believes that people are empowered by knowledge, and it has some code of conducts, values and beliefs in which it operates.

Programs by the teachers
The teachers plan to increase literacy to ensure student performance in terms of reading and writing. This process on writing will always be enhanced by the teaching strategy of the tutor. The process of memorization of the steps that are associated in writing is essential. The language learning and literacy are seen to be essential in the social, personal and economic approach to lives. The teachers are engaging in school and community setting of goals to achieve the relations and academic commitments between the community and the school. They are also implementing social skills to enhance character education and how to prevent violence thus promoting building of character.