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Transfer of Learning

This paper will take a specific learning theory, in this case, information processing, which demonstrates methods to apply the transfer of learning concepts within a specific workplace. Transfer of learning offers “the ability to take what one has learned in one context and use it in a new instance” (Williamson...

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Self Knowledge vs. Personal Knowledge

Self-knowledge is one of the most important forms of knowledge as far as leading an upright life is concerned. It is the essential foundation for sound reasoning and making correct decisions that one may not live to regret. In the essay, “The Death of Ivan Ilych,” the characters in the...

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Historical Development of Areas of Knowledge

The question asks if there are elements of knowledge that should not be judged based on the standards of the time period. As there are varying degrees of fluidity in regards to different areas of knowledge, there must be different ways to judge historically developed knowledge and in some respects...

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The Purpose of Knowledge According to Plato

For Plato, true knowledge is something that is only understood by few, but we have a responsibility to share knowledge with those who seek it. This concept can be seen in Plato's Allegory of the Cave. Within the allegory, Plato arrives at the idea that we were alive and conscious...

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Knowledge Requires Both Consensus and Disagreement

It is usual for people to think of knowledge as established fact. No matter the area, the knowledge is trusted as essentially unchanging, and as some form of information that may always be relied upon. The reality is different, however. On one level, varying ways of knowing generate differing types...

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