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Importance Of Consensus And Disagreements In Knowledge Areas

Disagreements and consensus in a knowledge area broaden people’s perspectives in many different ways. Disagreements are normal in many knowledge areas, from sciences, humanities, and technical areas, people experience different levels of disagreements on policies, theories, and rules. However, when such disagreements occur, they offer concerned people within the knowledge...

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Why Must A Belief Be Justified In Order To Count As Knowledge?

Belief and knowledge are two important themes in the field of philosophy. Belief represents one of the mental states referred to as propositional attitudes. Therefore, beliefs are simply attitudes of one's mind. It means that they are psychological stances. One may rightly aver that a belief is a fact of...

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Knowledge is Valuable: The Difficulty with Which it is Produced in Ethics and Science

Whenever one makes a value statement, there is some sort of claim of knowledge that is being made. This claim can be factual, like in science, or it can be emotional, such as ethics. Science is an area of knowledge that includes reference to things that exist in the real...

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Robust Knowledge Requires Both Consensus and Disagreement

The given paper closely addresses the idea that robust knowledge requires both consensus and disagreement. By robust one means strong, healthy, and potent. More exactly, the author of this paper advocates that without these two elements: consensus and dissent, knowledge would be significantly robbed of its richness and truthfulness. In...

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That Which We Accept As Knowledge Today Is Sometimes Discarded Tomorrow

The definition of knowledge is a true belief that is eternal, universal in nature, and eternal. However, in the future, science may discard the claims we have today which we believe are true, accurate, and well-supported. Science may discard, challenge or alter some of the knowledge we have today. Suggesting...

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