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Locke’s Epistemology

Locke's epistemology, or his means of supporting justified belief as opposed to conjecture, is very much based on the distinctions he makes as to what most defines elements of reality. As will be seen, all the components of Locke's thinking are inextricably related to one another, in that ideas and...

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Knowledge And Critical Thinking

When considering the natural sciences, it is evident that the interaction of critical and creative thinking are important for generating knowledge, whilst in the arts it is less necessary for increasing understanding. The natural sciences involves the generation of knowledge through a combination of creative invention and the ability to...

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Research Knowledge Assessment

Describing the philosophical foundations of the consumer of research and the trends and developments of social and behavioral science investigation concerns how empiricism relates to quantitative research methodology framed verifiable experience and/or observation rather use of pure logic or theory. The ideology of quantitative research looks to real world data...

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Knowledge of Race in the United States

Race has always been considered one of the heatedly debated questions. Biases and prejudices, so frequently occurred in everyday life, widely affect the racial minorities. Mass media along with multiple researches conducted raise tension between the people by promoting an idea of whites` superiority. As a result, blacks are more...

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Development of Knowledge Management with KMMM

Description Earl (2001) states that, Knowledge Management (KM) is increasingly becoming important to managers, and it has been brought home through conferences and publications. Most companies have embraced effective handling of knowledge, and it is one of the significant factors that help counter competition among them. It should be noted...

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