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International HR Discussion

One of the most important roles of human resources management is in recruitment and hiring. Although the human resources department may not have the final say when it comes to which candidate is hired, human resources management professionals are often involved in recruiting qualified job candidates, reviewing candidate resumes and...

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Management Decision on Taking Vacation Days

Annual leave is a part of work that serves not only to the benefit of the stuff. The employees who rest well will work well afterwards. Therefore, the work process should be a mix of work and rest to provide the best work/life balance. Korean employees who do not have...

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Fight In Korea & School Prayer

The end of World War II marked the beginning of prosperity and peace to United States citizens; however, it was defined by increased anxiety between the US and the Soviet Union. This created fear among Americans that the Soviet Union was planning to extend its communism to other countries. The United States...

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South Korea: A Nation to Watch Documentary

The documentary South Korea: A Nation to Watch chronicles the emergence of South Korea as a force not only in the world economy, but also in culture, through various musical as well as cinematic exports. Much of the success of South Korea from this perspective, however, is focussed on the...

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Korean War

The aftermath of the Second World War initiated massive social and economic changes in the Korea. The northern part of Korea was occupied and dominated by Communists while the southern part was controlled by the United States. The northern part of Korea with the support of the Soviet Union raided...

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Korea: Effect of Nuclear Weapons on Conflict

Nuclear weapons are those weapons considered to be destructive to the environment, objects and even life. They can either be radiological, biological or chemical nuclear weapons. The nuclear weapons are mainly used by the military to defend a country in times of interstate conflict. According to the U.S criminal law,...

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Negotiation and Resolution between North and South Korea

After the Korean war ended in 1953, a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) was created to separate North Korea and South Korea. A ceasefire was signed, but the two nations never signed an actual peace treaty, so they are technically still at war today. As a result, the decades since the war...

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Korean Writing Assignment

The music function of and the musical relationship of the lead singer of Cry of Bier Bearer is important because he has to maintain the mood by varying his tone. His main function is to produce the dominant sound throughout the whole song (Tamblyn 2-6). Being the main focus of...

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Korean Air Flight 801 Accident

Introduction There is usually nothing good to report about any accident however minor. Loss of life especially when it is least expected is something the human beings have to live with at times. The Korean 801 accident was one of those uneventful disastrous accidents that took place almost two decades...

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Korean Diaspora

For more than 150 years, Koreans have migrated from their home country or countries after the division of the peninsula. The term for this immigration activity and the characteristics or circumstances surrounding as well as subsequent are referred to as the Korean diaspora, which remains quite evident today. Obviously the...

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The Reunification of North and South Korea

For more than six decades, the Korean nation, which shares a rich and deep cultural history that goes back for centuries have been divided into North and South Korea after a bitter conflict in 1953 terminated with no peace treaty. A concrete wall that is just south of the Military...

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How Did The Korean War Affect U.S. Understanding of the International Security Environment?

The Korean War, which was fought between June, 1950 and July, 1953, has, with theexception of the China, been a nearly forgotten war. The Chinese considers the outcome of the war to be a victory for them. The year previous to the outbreak of the war, in 1949, there were...

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Cultural Comparison: South Korea and Puerto Rico

Values and Beliefs While comparing the context of South Korea and Puerto Rico, one shall first be aware of the significant cultural and geographical differences. Located in different parts of this word, not only these countries operate with different religions which then form their complex beliefs, but they are both...

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Korean ” Comfort Women”: A Human Rights Issue

The island of Taiwan became a colonial territory of Japan in 1895; 20 years later become a protectorate of that country, and five years later Korea officially became Japan's colony. Korea was controlled by Japan through the beginning of the start of World War II, and it was from there...

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