This paper will be about the city which I think is the best in the world. This city is Kuwait City There is so much to do in Kuwait City that is almost impossible to list everything, and there are things which are present in order stimulate all five of the senses, often more than one at the same time. In this paper I will talk about exactly what it is about Kuwait City that is so stimulating and exciting. In order to do this, then I will describe exactly what can be done to stimulate each one of the senses and how they can all come to play an active part in the lived experience of such an exciting and fascinating place. I hope that by doing this I am able to paint a picture of just why the city is so important to me and why it is a place which I treasure.
There is so much to see in Kuwait that it feels like it is overwhelming. The colours are bright and vibrant and you can really get a sense of detail around you as many of the streets are quite narrow so the buildings are close as you walk down them. In the old part of the town, the buildings are made from textured stone which often looks beautiful at certain times of day and can lead to a fantastic walk around the these areas. As well as this there are several art galleries where you can go and look at pictures and modern art. These really are a treat for the eyes and they also let you learn about the history or art in the area at the same as looking. Finally, there are several points in the city where it is possible to look out over it and see for a huge distance. These points are often in some of the highest and newest buildings in the city and they provide a fantastic sight. By going to places like these then it is possible to get a real idea of how a city like Kuwait City works, and the sights are truly amazing. You can see right the way across the city and by doing this you get a sense of just how big and diverse it is. You are also able to experience a real sense of sublime beauty when you look out on the things that you can see from there.

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Life in Kuwait city is inseparable from the sense of smell that you experience when you visit there. As you drive up coast road the sea air hits and it feels as if you are being transported back in time to an age when you can experience the fishing history of the city and the way that it used to get the majority of its income from trading in fish and in other commodities taken from the sea. In other areas of the town you can smell all kinds of different herbs and spices which can sometimes be so exciting that they make you go wild with hunger. These smells don’t simply come out of spice stalls on the market but also out of people’s houses and kitchens. If one visit’s one’s friends then there is almost always a new kind of smell coming out their kitchen and many families have a special dish which they pride themselves on being to produce well. Often there will be a quiet rivalry between different families who want to make the best smelling food and you can certainly learn to appreciate this as you walk around the different parts of the city.

Of course, this sense of smell can’t be separated from the sense of taste, and the food in Kuwait City is very diverse and wonderful. There are many different kinds of restaurants which one can visit, some of which specialise is speciality local foods and some of which have other more diverse flavours from around the world. Cooking and eating together is also a big part of family life in the city and because of this it is possible to experience all kinds of different tastes, foods and spices at friend’s houses as well. Because the city is near the coast, it is also the case that the best seafood fresh seafood can be bought cheaply and cooked easily as soon as it comes of the boat. I really think there is nothing quite like this, and eating the fresh food is one of the most exciting things about the city.

Like many market orientated cities in the world, Kuwait City market is also full of music. You hear it coming from almost every store and very often people in the street will play as you walk past. Sometimes these people are extraordinarily talented and to hear them playing in the city helps to make it seem even more full of life than it already is. The music is often diverse but it mainly focuses on traditional instruments and songs which are very important for the history of the city. By hearing them being played here then it is possible to both treat your ears and also to get a sense of the city’s life and history. The market is also a place where you can really understand just how important the sense of touch is to Kuwait. One can feel delicate silks and fabric everywhere one goes and people there really pride themselves on being sensitive to the best kinds of materials and leathers that can be produced. Traders will often let you feel their goods in order to show you the pride that they take in producing them and to challenge you to say if you have ever touched anything finer in your life. Several times I have found myself saying honestly that I haven’t. I can say for certain that there is nothing like the feel of fresh silk or specially made cotton. All of this is combined, of course with the fact that the materials come in the most bright and vibrant kinds of colours.

In conclusion, there truly is something for every single one of the five senses in the city of Kuwait City, it is such a vibrant and diverse place that I do not feel that I have fully described even a fraction of all of the stimulating things that one can find there. From the amazing sights to the smells, music and the feel of the silks in the market, I do not believe that there is anywhere that can really compare with it for the amount of sensory stimulation that it offers to people who live and visit. The capacity for the city to combine and mix all of these senses together, and to create environments in which they all come to play a part is, I think, one of the unique things about it as a place. This capacity for an all round sensory experience make it such an exciting and stimulating place that I can honestly say that it is definitely my favourite city in the world and somewhere that I always miss deeply whenever I am away from it.