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The Intervention of Kuwait in Qatar Crisis

A peaceful relation that has been enjoyed by Kuwait for the past years can only be retained if the country maintains its diplomatic connections. Kuwait is a key player in the diplomatic intervention between Qatar and other Arabic states. The important reasons for the crisis offered by Saudi Arabia and...

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The difference between USA and Kuwait

The United States and Kuwait are two different countries with numerous diversities. Kuwait is located in the Middle East while the US is located in Northern America. Each nation has its own positives and appeal. On the other hand, the US and Kuwait are close allies especially in trade and...

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Similarities and Differences between Kuwait and the United States

Every country in the world is unique in its own way. Each has negative and positive aspects. There are many similarities and differences between my home country, Kuwait, and the United States. I chose this topic because I am now living in the United States, yet Kuwait is still very...

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Protecting a Baby in Kuwait Culture

Culture is important in the sense that it is used to conceive a custom of unique behavior and belief patterns which are mutually shared by individuals who are in the same community and the customs regulate the daily living of this individuals. This norms, behaviors, and beliefs help parents with...

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Communication and Journalism

Abstract Data metrics is a crucial component of journalism. It enables the media house to determine the reachability of their publication to their audience and whether the audience is groin got not. With the advent and rise in the number of social media outlets, data metrics would enable a media...

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Kuwait’s National Assembly Complex

Introduction The architectural industry in Kuwait has undergone various transformations over the past few decades (Mahgoub, 2004). Following the discovery of oil reserves in the country in 1940, the economic situation took another turn. The first master plan in the country was introduced between 1950 and 1960 following the global...

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Kuwait Forex Company (KFC)

1. The company business model, value proposition and profit formula? Kuwait Forex Company (KFC) is one of the global firms that mainly deals with foreign exchange business activities and operations. The firm was founded in early 1977 in Kuwait. The current managing director of the firm is Ahmad Al-Kharafi. The...

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Kuwait and Humanitarian Aid

Introduction World peace has been an agenda for decades. However, efforts have to be put in place to try and prevent the emergence of wars, ending those that are ongoing and provide humanitarian aid to those who have been affected by these wars. The United Nations Security Council, arguably the...

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How to Make Kuwait a Good Destination for Tourists

When we think of famous tourist destinations in the Middle East, we think of Qatar and UAE. But these are only two of the countries in the region which also includes other interesting places such as Kuwait. The fact Kuwait is not as popular as Qatar and UAE is also...

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Fake News in Kuwait: Melting Cars

One example of fake news about Kuwait is a reoccurring story that spreads every summer on social media. The basic story being spread is that the weather in Kuwait City reached 63 degrees Celsius, which would be about 143 degrees Fahrenheit. Accompanying many of these posts are several key photographs...

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American University of Kuwait’s Dress Code

First Section Recently there have been discussions in American University of Kuwait (AUK), which has purported that European style dress code has taken over the institution. Essentially, one student took centre stage during a recent cultural event. She showcased attires, which were not really aligning with what Kuwaiti culture would...

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Kuwait And Iraq War 1990

Kuwait and Iraq war began in August 2, 1990 after Iraq invaded Kuwait. The war is also known as the Persian War. It ended in February 28, 1991 after the intervention of the United States and the condemnation of Iraq by the international community led by the United Nations. The...

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Starbucks International Enters Kuwait

In the article ‘Starbucks International enters Kuwait’, Dianne Welsh, Peter Raven and Nasser Al-Mutair explore the possibilities of introducing Starbucks in Kuwait. The authors portray how Nasser makes use of strategic marketing analysis of the product and the use of expert knowledge in determining the success of Starbuck in Kuwait....

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Kuwait City: A Feast for the Senses

This paper will be about the city which I think is the best in the world. This city is Kuwait City There is so much to do in Kuwait City that is almost impossible to list everything, and there are things which are present in order stimulate all five of...

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Car importation to Kuwait

Kuwait has a rich and relatively open economy with oil reserves of 104 billion barrels, 8% of world reserves. Oil accounts for almost 55% of gross domestic product, 94% of exports and 80% of government revenues. The country experienced rapid economic growth in recent years, but the decline in oil...

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Kuwait v US Holidays

The national holiday experiences can be quite different in different parts of the world. This is not hard to understand because countries can be quite different in terms of cultures, belief systems, and traditions. Frequent travelers are well aware of the vast lifestyle and cultural differences between some countries. When...

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Holidays in Kuwait and America

It has been quite an adventure learning about the differences between life in Kuwait and life in America and this is also true of holidays in both countries. After living in America for some time, I have noticed there are both similarities and differences between holidays in both countries. When...

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Alternatives to Oil Generating Electricity in Kuwait

According to the World Bank, Kuwait generated electricity of the capacity of in 2011 alone using crude oil and petroleum products (Trading Economics). The heavy reliance on the crude oil and petroleum products for electricity generation in the country meant that 61.99% of the country’s total capacity in that year...

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Kuwait Invasion Memory Crisis

Thesis Statement The impact of the Kuwaiti invasion makes it memorable to the citizens. Purposes Rather than keeping building’s and transferring them to a monument, the Kuwaiti government started demolishing building or structures damaged by the Iraqi invasion, thus, initiating a mass memory loss. The government presented the memory in...

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The Gulf War

The Gulf War took place from August 1990 to February 1991. It was precipitated by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. It was commonly known as the ‘Iraq War’ before the United States invaded and occupied Iraq in 2003, coopting the term. Iraq’s invasion, led by President Saddam Hussein, was roundly condemned...

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