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Labor Unions

Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was first enacted in 1938 ( by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was initially created to establish a structure to the social and economic systems in America. The Act has taken on different forms since its inception but the common denominator has been to...

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Labor Unions and Their Role

One of the major objectives for unions is the negotiation of better wages in the sector for their members. Over the years, workers in various sectors of the economy have been demanding better wages that would reflect changes in the cost of living trends and other factors in the general...

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Role of unions in the US

Should the role of unions in the US be increased?Trade unions in the US are employee representatives during negotiations arising from disputes. The main purpose of trade unions in the US is to act as a voice of the employees of an organization so that they can get a fair...

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Unionization and the Nursing Profession

In the past, nurses were hesitant to be associated with unions. However, that thought is changing and the idea is becoming associated with the ability of nurses to control nursing practice as well as the quality of care that is rendered to patients. Unions allow nurses to regain control over...

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Immigration And Its Effect On American Union Workers

Immigration is the movement of people to countries where they are not native citizens to settle there as naturalized or permanent citizens. Just like other powerful industrial countries around the globe, the issue of immigration is a matter of national concern in the United States of America. Its implications cut...

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Union Management Cooperation Initiatives and Grievance Processes

1. Contractually stipulated cooperation programs between unions and management can be an effective way to resolve disputes, or prevent potential disputes from occurring. They are realistic and workable provided both management and unions agree to the terms on the contract, although they should also be open to renegotiation should circumstances...

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