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History of Labor Relations

One of the most notable effects of industrialization in the late nineteenth century was the great extent to which skilled craftsmen could work in factories. However, three major consequences were associated with the transformation of workers. First, workers lost the bargaining power that their expertise and tools had offered them....

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Labor Relations

The ability to stretch to accommodate more workers in an organization solely relies on the amount of profit that the company can make. The firm considers the income generated from the profiting activities. The company can absorb more employees to further the production, distribution, and internal management of the organization....

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Railway Labor Act

Railway labor act was enacted into law in 1926 with the support of labor and management of railway industry. In 1936, it was expanded to the U.S airline industry. Presently, the act provides a balanced legal framework for the resolution of labor disputes in the two industries. The act also...

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Loss of Manufacturing Jobs

International trade is not the main reason for the loss of manufacturing jobs in the United States during the recent decades as there are other factors such as automation. The steep development in technology, especially robotics, should be blamed for a considerable decline in the number of jobs in the...

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Labor Policies and Aging Population

IntroductionJapan’s labor market has considerably improved over the past decade, recording low unemployment rate of about 3.1%. Although the country has had gradual advancements, the wage has remained stagnant for a number of years. In spite of these improvements, Japan still faces various severe labor issues such as labor shortages....

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Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was first enacted in 1938 ( by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was initially created to establish a structure to the social and economic systems in America. The Act has taken on different forms since its inception but the common denominator has been to...

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Union Organizing Case Study

The fact that the parking lot of the World Tea & Coffee, Inc. is located eleven stores from it still implies that it is their parking, private property. The non-employee union organizers have the right to reach employees of any organization and lure them to join their union (Flanagan, 1986)....

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Negotiating Labor Agreements

Management would prefer collective bargaining in a situation where singular agreements may have a ripple effect on the rest of employment terms. Such ripple effect may include triggering of a cycle of negotiations focusing on single aspects of the employment contract. In an effort to mitigate the occurrence of such...

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Unfair Labor Practice: Case Study

The grievances presented by Jack throughout the case study seem accurate and would require the intervention of the Union. As explained by Harrisson, Roy and Haines (2011) the Labor Unions seeks to protect the employees and ensuring that they receive their rights as outlined in the National Labor Relations Act...

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Unionization and the Nursing Profession

In the past, nurses were hesitant to be associated with unions. However, that thought is changing and the idea is becoming associated with the ability of nurses to control nursing practice as well as the quality of care that is rendered to patients. Unions allow nurses to regain control over...

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Romanian Graduates In Denmark: From Being A Student to Entering the Labor Market

Romanian self-initiated expatriates (SIE), specifically, Romanian students that have chosen to study in Denmark, often plan on remaining in the country after they complete their education. “SIEs are those whose international experience is not initiated by an international transfer within an organization but rather is initiated without organizational assistance and...

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Controlling Labor Cost

There are numerous ways to reduce an organization’s operating costs to increase profit and lessen waste. Budgeting and monitoring expenses, such as salaries and benefits, are essential to ensuring that unnecessary costs are kept to a minimum. With my organization being a credit union which is a banking institution, eliminating...

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Promoting Sustainability of the Labor Force in Malta

Malta is a small island that faces many of the same issues as the rest of the world concerning an ageing labor force and a lack of opportunity for its older citizens. As the number of people who are no longer considered employable due to their age increases, they must...

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