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Facing Labor Shortage

Labor shortages in the delivery of health care and related services can have a negative impact on health service business as well as the health of patients in the community. For this reason, is it important for facility administrators to think critically and creatively about how to prevent any disruption...

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Fascism And Labor Movements And Contemporary Society

Fascism is a political regime that works to serve the interest of the state while it undermines the public rights. Fascist governments are opposed to democratic rights of the people it rules. Fascism believes in the greatness and superiority of the nation. Dictatorial regimes mostly live in fear and therefore...

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The Concept of Division of Labor

Everyday individuals apart of the workforce contribute to the growth and production of a business. Often, these individuals are hired to perform a specific task or duty that they are deemed qualified for and that is deemed necessary for a company to meet their overall goals. The distribution of tasks,...

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Undocumented Workers’ Compensation Term Paper

Issues surrounding undocumented workers have generated intense debates across different platforms (Query, 2006). The rise in the numbers of undocumented workers across the globe has been accelerated by the increase in the number of immigrants in different countries. Apparently, one of the most controversial issue generated by these undocumented workers...

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NLRB And The Change Or Rules

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) recently came up with new rules and regulations on how it was going to proceed with elections. Since its formation nearly a century ago, the primary mandate of the Board has been to provide a framework for which employees in the United States can...

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