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Donaldson Decision Making: Child Labor

In today’s business world, it is not at all uncommon to have some international connections. This could be anything from importing products, production, or even a call center. Inevitably this has to change the realms by which business is done. There should be some ties between what is ethical and...

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Labor Relations

The ability to stretch to accommodate more workers in an organization solely relies on the amount of profit that the company can make. The firm considers the income generated from the profiting activities. The company can absorb more employees to further the production, distribution, and internal management of the organization....

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History of Labor Relations

One of the most notable effects of industrialization in the late nineteenth century was the great extent to which skilled craftsmen could work in factories. However, three major consequences were associated with the transformation of workers. First, workers lost the bargaining power that their expertise and tools had offered them....

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Railway Labor Act

Railway labor act was enacted into law in 1926 with the support of labor and management of railway industry. In 1936, it was expanded to the U.S airline industry. Presently, the act provides a balanced legal framework for the resolution of labor disputes in the two industries. The act also...

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Loss of Manufacturing Jobs

International trade is not the main reason for the loss of manufacturing jobs in the United States during the recent decades as there are other factors such as automation. The steep development in technology, especially robotics, should be blamed for a considerable decline in the number of jobs in the...

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