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Unionization and the Nursing Profession

In the past, nurses were hesitant to be associated with unions. However, that thought is changing and the idea is becoming associated with the ability of nurses to control nursing practice as well as the quality of care that is rendered to patients. Unions allow nurses to regain control over...

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Romanian Graduates In Denmark: From Being A Student to Entering the Labor Market

Romanian self-initiated expatriates (SIE), specifically, Romanian students that have chosen to study in Denmark, often plan on remaining in the country after they complete their education. “SIEs are those whose international experience is not initiated by an international transfer within an organization but rather is initiated without organizational assistance and...

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Controlling Labor Cost

There are numerous ways to reduce an organization’s operating costs to increase profit and lessen waste. Budgeting and monitoring expenses, such as salaries and benefits, are essential to ensuring that unnecessary costs are kept to a minimum. With my organization being a credit union which is a banking institution, eliminating...

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Promoting Sustainability of the Labor Force in Malta

Malta is a small island that faces many of the same issues as the rest of the world concerning an ageing labor force and a lack of opportunity for its older citizens. As the number of people who are no longer considered employable due to their age increases, they must...

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