The lack of educational support for immigrant children and families at middle schools and high schools is one of the most eloquent issues in the policy agenda. The minimal educational assistance at the elementary level of schooling is insufficient. Students are not equally prepared for the professional encounters in life due to limited opportunities for supporting their language capacities in middle and schools. (Strauss, 2018) The overall issue shows the substantial shortcomings in the institutional support to education in Queens. Beyond the institutional shortcomings in Queens, the insufficient attention paid by parents towards schooling frames the social dimension of the issue. Students lack basic communication skills in their school environment due to limited transition opportunities from one learning environment to the other. (Maracle, 2014) Instead of communicating with other kids in English, immigrant children from Queens can barely speak a few words in another language than their native. It is common that immigrant families encounter more financial struggles compared to families living in the US for a long time. While parents take long-hour shifts at work, children do not get any educational support from their family. Some Hindu, Punjabi and Nepalese families do not understand the necessity to focus on the American culture, dive into the language. They do not want to integrate into the social context of their new culture. (Bochman, 2018) This unrealistic approach impacts the middle school and high school children who face issues in their educational environment.
Viable policy solutions have the potential to address the issues of immigrant families in Queens. The government should offer after-school programs with homework support. The programs that focus on educational support beyond the focus on the language will create a favorable learning environment for students of immigrant background. The educational support and counseling for the whole immigrant families will help in to integrate immigrant children of middle school and high school levels.

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