The plays of William Shakespeare have brought to life a number of infamous characters who are frequently discussed and replicated with a strong sense of familiarity. It is almost as if each person has their own personal relationship with these characters and they have been portrayed in a number of ways including their physical appearance. However, the strong characterization techniques of Shakespeare has maintained a generalized concept of these appearances as each character is known through their social placement and interactions with the other characters. Many of these characters are discussed so frequently that some of the lesser known characters are pressed together and lose their own place in the memories of the audience. One such influential and strong character is that of Lady Capulet, otherwise known as Juliet’s mother in “Romeo and Juliet.”This famed love story tells the tale of two teenage lovers who meet a romantic but tragic fate. However, considering the lifestyles of the two families, it is through the parents that the teenagers learned their passion for life and perhaps even their sense of rebellion to the social systems of their time. Lady Capulet is represented by a strong and lavish physique and is generally shown wearing a red, royal robe and crown. Her brown hair is pulled neatly beneath the crown and her face is soft and gentle. Yet, her actions and relationship with her daughter is anything but soft as she enforces the social requirement of the arranged marriage. Many scholars claim that this was out of obedience to Juliet’s father and the social norm of arranged marriages, but the physical representation of Lady Capulet to be a physically fit, well groomed, and well postured lady does not seem to indicate a sense of obedience but rather a strong connection to the society that she represents.

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