I was petrified! It was my first time to stand before such a vast gathering. Yes, I was in a debating contest, arbitrarily called to give a concluding statement – a typical custom in Dadeville. Nonetheless, when I delivered the speech, the entire crowd was so stunned that they gave me a standing ovation. In my childhood in Dadeville, AL, I was ever curious to find out what opportunities lay before me – especially as a student in Dadeville High School. After the speech, the then language teacher had walked to me and told me I had an incredible oratory aptitude. Later on, after increased studying of the language, I realized that my oratory, writing and analytical skills were indeed extraordinary. This made me fall in love with the language, and I thus studied it feverishly from that point onwards.

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In North Carolina Agricultural State University, I was chosen to be a senior member of the school’s English honors club, Sigma Tai Delta, a position I hold to date. I am also a volunteer TA at the North Carolina A&T State University, and I will work as a writing consultant in the writing center from January. I am applying to your institution in the conviction that the Bachelor of Arts honorary that I received from the University of Alabama and the Master’s degree in African American Literature coming in May will be actively enhanced. The program I am applying for is the African American Studies package, with my primary focus being to analyze the use of specific terms in literatures in short stories. My focus will be on the African American term “Passing” outlining its significance in the development of African American literature. I will also elaborate how certain literatures and short stories use this term as a psychological safe haven.

Although my GRE scores are average, my writing skills are unrelated. I believe that your institution will offer me opportunities that I may have missed at the University of Alabama. Amongst my strengths in a unique perspective, I assume in studying of different texts in my analytical tasks. Most people take up the concurring position when analyzing literature texts, since, after all, it is the most straightforward. My stand on this is that a text analyst ought to dependably study with a questioning eye. When examining African American literature, for instance, one should question every statement regarding culture and plot within the writings. This is the only way in which the real understanding of literature can be achieved. Apart from this, I believe in the creation of a mental atmosphere when mulling over writing, which permits me to visualize what the author is expressing through each statement.

Upon joining college in the first instance, I was already cognizant of my interests. Here, I refined my abilities in the field by not only being a keen student, but also by attending as many forums by the school and other public and private associations. It was in one of these forums that I met the manager of Tuscaloosa VA Medical center, who offered me the first work study position, and even organized for the second one. In the second workstation, which I hold to date, I have learned how to apply my skills in language in a limited environment. This is a skill that is essential to a prose analyst.

I have operated in a few workstations, which have allowed me progressively to hone my language and general communication skills. In May, 2013, I worked at my first work-study as a clerk. I was tasked with filing and managing documents, which required that I work autonomously. I appreciated that this was in some way meant to enhance my individuality abilities which are a prerequisite in literature reviewers. Apart from this provisional job, I was also employed as an Administrative Assistant at the Greensboro vet center. This was my last study. Here, I was able to enhance my communication skills since I was responsible for greeting veterans, scheduling and management appointments, and maintaining office records. Although the tasks in this position did not offer me any opportunity to enhance my literature analytical abilities, it served as an opportunity to recognize the importance of starting at the bottom and working my way up.

Apart from literature and language, I enjoy listening to live instrumental music, something I was introduced to during one of my volunteer sessions as a TA. I also can communicate slightly in Spanish. The experience in the Spanish classes was inspired by the language teacher at my high school, who enthused me to learn as much of the English language as I could, and on it any other that I could. Listening to this music became a passion at a Spanish Antzar Eguna (Goose Day), when I realized my two passions were connected; music and Spanish. At the time, my skills in the language were rather limited, but additional studies increased my confidence substantially.

To this end, I am convinced that by making this decision to study language and literature was the best I ever made. I enjoy studying literature immensely, and to this day, I have had only but a few failures in the field. Presently, I mean to further my skills in this calling by taking the courses to be taught in your institution with the utmost importance. It is my hope that you find my application worth a position in the class that I am yearning for. I acknowledge that this is the surest technique for enhancing my capacities, and additionally growing my enthusiasm.