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Latin America

Setting up Airbnb to Help the Belizeans

Airbnb is a company that provides various types of accommodation services. Belize is a country that is located close to the Caribbean Sea and it serves up an excellent location for Airbnb to setup their operations. While Airbnb is a relatively successful company, expanding into new markets requires an informed...

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Country Analysis

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the suitability of the socialist petro-state of Venezuela for economic expansion. It may initially seem that the turmoil in Venezuela would indicate that it should not be used for business expansion. However, by adopting an approach that allows the company to minimize...

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Country Culture Project

Columbia or the Republic of Columbia, located in northwestern South America, is the fifth-largest country on the continent. The state was named after a famous explorer Christopher Columbus and emerged after the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830, along with Venezuela and Ecuador. The country is notable for its unique...

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The Foreign Policy of Latin America

Several scholars have offered different criteria to distinguish between middle powers and emerging powers. It should be noted that despite the existing criteria to distinguish the two; they still share some similarities. This paper discusses the similarities and differences between middle powers and emerging powers. It also elaborates differences between...

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Enlightenment Ideals and Latin America

Unfortunately, the history of Latin America has not one been one of true democracy. Middle school and high school textbooks extol the virtues of the democratic and republican forms of government in Latin American nations, however, in all honesty enlightenment ideals did not shape these nations. Certainly it was present...

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