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Latin America

Immigration Essay

The writings regarding immigration provided in the articles range greatly. There is the perspective that immigrants constitute a large illiterate population in the US as well as being a substantial proportion of criminals and insane people who are bound to be on the receiving end of charitable institutions. On the...

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Gaucho in the Latin America Nation Building

The nation building of a country is represented by the whole set of cultural, political, social, and economic structures that help to shape it as a single state, despite the diversity of its cultural forms or the geographical differences within its territory. In the specific case of Latin America nation-building...

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Mexican Americans in the Southwest

This paper will assess the contributions of the Mexican American immigration to the culture and history of the southwest. In 1990, the census results approximated that 12 million people of Mexican origin settled in the United States. This was a 4.7% of the whole American population and 62% of the...

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Romanticism in Latin American

Romanticism is a term used to refer to a legendary and inventive group that is associated with “Western Europe in the 18th century” (Meade 50). In fact, it was popularized in the 19th century in Latin America by Esteban Echeverria. The idea of romanticism is viewed as a response to...

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Mexican Executive ET

Question OneConstitutionally (Article 89), Mexican president is the commander-in-chief of the country’s armed forces. However, Mexican presidents also wield informal powers that give them almost authoritarian power at the federal level of government as well as considerable ability to meddle in the internal issues of Mexican states. Moreover, constitutionally, the...

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