The issue of racial discrimination is an age-old problem that has plagued many societies in the world. America is particularly known for the problem with many residents, especially those from minority communities (Soyl and Buchanan 249). The issue is local, since most people can associate with the problem, but is also national in outlook, which is why it should be addressed. Latino women face discrimination from various quarters in the society that affects their self-esteem, particularly the younger generation. Unfortunately, people have cultivated negative stereotypes concerning Latino women with many being branded illegal immigrants and primitive.

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However, a sizable number of Latino women are in the country legally to pursue their education and other endeavors in life. People should realize that Latino women are human too and they have feelings like other people in the society. The employment of videos to educate the public will be a significant strategy that will be utilized in the campaign. Finally, I will lead the awareness program since I have also experienced the problem, which must be mitigated. The design of the event is intended to depict a diverse environment that can encourage people to be tolerant of different cultures.

The target audience is a critical part of any proposal since it enables the developer to harmonize content with the target group. Participants can be of any age, but the younger generation would be beneficial in raising awareness. Therefore, the proposal targets Latino women, especially those ones between 18-35 years, that are most affected by the racial bias in the country.

Personally, I have faced discrimination and abuse in the country due to the mere fact that I am a Latino woman. In fact, I have been abused and told to my face that I am unwanted in the country. Nonetheless, I have managed to maintain my dignity in the community. The proposal is designed to address intersectionality in the nation. Racial bias is a primary concern of the campaign, which has led to abuse of Latinos in the nation. Gender is another element that will be tackled since women tend to be majorly affected by social challenges in comparison to other groups in the society (Ayon 4).

The purpose of the proposal is to educate the public that Latino women are similar to other human beings with the only difference being skin color. The only way to end discrimination in the country is through execution of awareness campaigns that will be used to inform the public that Latino women are ordinary. In relation, cultural perceptions form worldviews that people espouse, which can be either negative or positive. To mitigate any adverse perceptions, organizing interaction sessions is an efficient way to debunk any myths that people might have about other cultures (Buchak and Jørring 3). Employment of various strategies in the campaign is critical, for example, use of flyers that will be distributed to the target audience to educate them on the culture of Latinos. Further, the production of videos, especially those that show the daily life of a Latino woman, is essential in demonstrating universal aspects of the community.

The organization of a social event in the Dallas area is vital since the platform would be used to educate people about Latino women, which can reduce social and cultural barriers that fuel discrimination. People in the country have been socialized to judge other people using race, sex, and ethnicity, which contribute to the issue of discrimination (Glaser, Spencer, and Charbonneau 89). As such, organizing a social function is highly advised since it could ease tensions that are common among people from different ethnic backgrounds. Studies have shown that diversity is one of the best methods of eliminating racial bias since people tend to appreciate other cultures when they interact with its people.

The development of an action plan that will be executed in three steps is crucial. Firstly, the use of the online realm like social media is an essential avenue that can be utilized by the campaign team to combat racial stereotypes. Social media has gained traction in current years with the platform being used by many people to communicate with each other. As a result, the system will form a central element of the awareness campaign. Blogs are another model, which can be used to disseminate information about the importance of appreciating people from a different background.

Secondly, organizing protests and silent demonstrations is an efficient way of addressing the issue. To execute such a plan, I would gather people in the center of the city to participate in a procession that will be used to show our condemnation of the vice in the society. The event will include Latinos and other sympathetic stakeholders that will show solidarity with our cause. However, the same should be peaceful to avoid fueling perceptions that Latinos are criminals, which means that the event should comply with the law that includes discouraging acts of hooliganism.

Thirdly, encouraging people to participate in work boycotts, at least one day per week, is another powerful method of sending a message. Many Latinos in the area undertake work that other people refuse to engage in, for example, construction, landscaping, and baby care, which will enable people to appreciate the vital role fulfilled by the Latino community in the country. It will demonstrate that most Latin people endeavor to lead a decent living, instead of engaging in crime. The approach will enable the Latinos to earn respect among other communities in the country.