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Law ethics

Business Ethics and Government: Trial of Mayor Ray Nagin

French philosopher, Albert Camus once said “A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world” (brainyquote). In other words, when men act without ethics, they live in a world where anything goes. They don’t draw any kind of lines. Ethics are moral codes which govern behavior. Recently,...

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Natural Law Ethics

This is a universal system of law that is determined by natural forces. It entails the analysis of personal and social aspects of human nature and the binding rules of moral behavior. Natural law ethics describe the role of virtues and personal character in evaluating and determining individual character. This...

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Law Enforcement Ethics Case

In the case study given, I am an officer and newly assigned to Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB). My supervisor, a lieutenant, has asked me to write up a case with information he hands me. He tells me to use the information in one specific folder. However, the other folder contains...

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Ethical Issues in the Legal System

In the cases of Graham v. State of Florida and Sullivan v. State of Florida, the Supreme Court considered whether it was right to subject juveniles to sentences of life without parole. In both cases, young children were tried and sentenced as adults for incidences in which no one was...

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Thomas Drake: Blowing the Whistle

The conceptual protection that is offered for whistle blowers under the protection of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is recognized by every industry that operates under the United States Department of Labor. Provisions have been made to include specifics for each of these industries and the processes in which...

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4th Amendment Seizure of Property

United States’ citizens’ rights have changed over the country’s relatively short history. The Amendments to the Constitution make up one important set of changes; subsequent case law, especially as established by the Supreme Court, make up another set. The Fourth Amendment was established in order to ensure the rights of...

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Death Penalty Debate

Criminals are punished through numerous means and these means may sometimes be termed as cruel. Death penalty is an example of cruel punishment to persons who are found guilty. The death penalty is executing someone as a punishment due to crimes committed. Numerous methods exist in which execution of a...

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Civil Disobedience Thoreau Summary

Henry David Thoreau’s 1849 essay “Civil Disobedience” has been a modern rallying cry for right-wing conservatives who would argue for less government intervention and a downsizing of the federal government as a whole. However, Thoreau’s central thesis in “Civil Disobedience” goes farther than to simply advocate a smaller central government....

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Drunk Driving Essay

Few misfortunes are as devastating to young drivers as the effects of drunk driving. Often seen as a minor infraction of the law with few repercussions, the reality of young people driving while under the influence is often life altering. The effects of drunk driving on teen drivers include arrest...

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Paralegal Conduct

Stan and Abby have potentially violated a number of ethical canons, both as determined by the ABA and as determined by the NALA. The first problem comes with the fee arrangement. According to ABA Rule 1.5, which deals with the financial relationship between attorneys and their clients, the fee arrangement...

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The Ethics of Collecting DNA Evidence

An Associated Press (2007) article, published online by NBC news, reports that police authorities covertly followed a suspect in an older homicide investigation for purposes of collecting DNA evidence. Police were successful in the suspect’s apprehension after a sample of spit collected off of the sidewalk pointed to his being...

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Legal Ethical Dilemma

Legal and ethical reasoning is challenging for many nurses because it may cross a difficult path towards moral distress, which may cause significant harm to nursing practice. It is essential that nurses consider the impact of moral distress and how it might influence their activities in the workplace environment. This...

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The Pirate Bay: Searching for a Safe Heaven Case Study

The Pirate Bay: Searching for a Safe Heaven Case StudyKey Problems in the Case together with the legal, ethical and regulatory issues that are at stake The Pirate Bay a popular website in the world. This website plays an important role to its users by allowing them to illegally download...

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Ethics of Surveillance

One of the most important and deeply discussed aspects of business and operating within a business is that of ethics. Ethics involves the moral responsibility of companies and individuals to act and behave, as well as what constitutes proper behavior. As is evidenced by many famous court cases and scandals...

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Myths and Realities regarding Crime

The majority of the American people will derive their assumptions about crime in the criminal justice system based on what they view on television, in movies, and via social media. In fact, many of these beliefs involve myths that have no basis in fact. Conceptions about crime and criminals are...

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Review of “In Wells Fargo Scandal, the Buck Stopped Well Short”

Recent news has been full of a recent financial scandal uncovered at Wells Fargo Bank. On Sept 15, an opinion piece by Susan Ochs (2016) that analyzes this issue was published in the New York Times. As we can see in the title of her article, Ms. Ochs’ primary assertion...

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Ethical Law Enforcement Scenarios

Scenario 1 A common perception among both police officers and the public at large is that the police expect goods and services for free because of their official standing in the community. Many people believe this practice, such as the one presented in the community, smacks of subtle intimidation, not...

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Unknown Criminal Record Case

Ethically, this issue is grounded in a fundamental standpoint (more specifically, integrity and trust) . This employee has lied on his job application, and has continued to live what that lie while employed with this company. This is a complete breach of trust, and his integrity for this company has...

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Ethical Dilemma – The Shoplifter

In a situation when an ethical dilemma should be solved, in my opinion, the most applicable ethical theory is the subjective consequentialism. Subjective consequentialism tells a person to do what intuitively seems to have the best outcomes (Andric, 2015, p. 547). In order to make an ethical decision, it is...

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Ethical and Legal Considerations

Volunteerism There are certain standards that need to be upheld to maintain a voluntary position, or to engage in free/pro bono work. According to the American Counseling Association, (2014), these standards should include honoring diversity among people, along with embracing a “multicultural approach” in support of the dignity, potential and...

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