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Law ethics

4th Amendment Seizure of Property

United States’ citizens’ rights have changed over the country’s relatively short history. The Amendments to the Constitution make up one important set of changes; subsequent case law, especially as established by the Supreme Court, make up another set. The Fourth Amendment was established in order to ensure the rights of...

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Death Penalty Debate

Criminals are punished through numerous means and these means may sometimes be termed as cruel. Death penalty is an example of cruel punishment to persons who are found guilty. The death penalty is executing someone as a punishment due to crimes committed. Numerous methods exist in which execution of a...

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Civil Disobedience Thoreau Summary

Henry David Thoreau’s 1849 essay “Civil Disobedience” has been a modern rallying cry for right-wing conservatives who would argue for less government intervention and a downsizing of the federal government as a whole. However, Thoreau’s central thesis in “Civil Disobedience” goes farther than to simply advocate a smaller central government....

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Drunk Driving Essay

Few misfortunes are as devastating to young drivers as the effects of drunk driving. Often seen as a minor infraction of the law with few repercussions, the reality of young people driving while under the influence is often life altering. The effects of drunk driving on teen drivers include arrest...

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Paralegal Conduct

Stan and Abby have potentially violated a number of ethical canons, both as determined by the ABA and as determined by the NALA. The first problem comes with the fee arrangement. According to ABA Rule 1.5, which deals with the financial relationship between attorneys and their clients, the fee arrangement...

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