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Law ethics

The Ethics of Collecting DNA Evidence

An Associated Press (2007) article, published online by NBC news, reports that police authorities covertly followed a suspect in an older homicide investigation for purposes of collecting DNA evidence. Police were successful in the suspect’s apprehension after a sample of spit collected off of the sidewalk pointed to his being...

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Legal Ethical Dilemma

Legal and ethical reasoning is challenging for many nurses because it may cross a difficult path towards moral distress, which may cause significant harm to nursing practice. It is essential that nurses consider the impact of moral distress and how it might influence their activities in the workplace environment. This...

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The Pirate Bay: Searching for a Safe Heaven Case Study

The Pirate Bay: Searching for a Safe Heaven Case StudyKey Problems in the Case together with the legal, ethical and regulatory issues that are at stake The Pirate Bay a popular website in the world. This website plays an important role to its users by allowing them to illegally download...

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Ethics of Surveillance

One of the most important and deeply discussed aspects of business and operating within a business is that of ethics. Ethics involves the moral responsibility of companies and individuals to act and behave, as well as what constitutes proper behavior. As is evidenced by many famous court cases and scandals...

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Myths and Realities regarding Crime

The majority of the American people will derive their assumptions about crime in the criminal justice system based on what they view on television, in movies, and via social media. In fact, many of these beliefs involve myths that have no basis in fact. Conceptions about crime and criminals are...

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