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Law ethics

Review of “In Wells Fargo Scandal, the Buck Stopped Well Short”

Recent news has been full of a recent financial scandal uncovered at Wells Fargo Bank. On Sept 15, an opinion piece by Susan Ochs (2016) that analyzes this issue was published in the New York Times. As we can see in the title of her article, Ms. Ochs’ primary assertion...

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Ethical Law Enforcement Scenarios

Scenario 1 A common perception among both police officers and the public at large is that the police expect goods and services for free because of their official standing in the community. Many people believe this practice, such as the one presented in the community, smacks of subtle intimidation, not...

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Unknown Criminal Record Case

Ethically, this issue is grounded in a fundamental standpoint (more specifically, integrity and trust) . This employee has lied on his job application, and has continued to live what that lie while employed with this company. This is a complete breach of trust, and his integrity for this company has...

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Ethical Dilemma – The Shoplifter

In a situation when an ethical dilemma should be solved, in my opinion, the most applicable ethical theory is the subjective consequentialism. Subjective consequentialism tells a person to do what intuitively seems to have the best outcomes (Andric, 2015, p. 547). In order to make an ethical decision, it is...

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Ethical and Legal Considerations

Volunteerism There are certain standards that need to be upheld to maintain a voluntary position, or to engage in free/pro bono work. According to the American Counseling Association, (2014), these standards should include honoring diversity among people, along with embracing a “multicultural approach” in support of the dignity, potential and...

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