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Law ethics

Chapter III: Section I – Legal & Ethical Compliance, Section II – Governance

This section discuses legal compliance for S-Global in relation to technology, new launches of products, and new business model development. This is followed by discussing ethical management for S-Global in relation to geographic, cultural, functional, and organizational boundaries. Legal Compliance Legal compliance is an important part of regulating any business....

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Ethics in Criminal Justice

Jim Warner Wallace is a cold-case homicide detective, an author of Cold-case Christianity in addition to being an apologetics professor at Biola University. Detective Wallace is one of the most celebrated voices in the modern-day apologetic Christianity. Wallace makes a wonderful association of Biblical accuracy and the law enforcement experience...

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Forensic Evaluations

One major ethical issue when conducting forensic evaluations is informed consent. Ideally, at the onset of an evaluation, the examinee should be given notice on the nature, purpose, and limits of his/her confidentiality. Informed consent ought to be obtained where necessary and if the examinee is not competent to give...

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