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Prohibition Versus Harm Reduction

In 1920 the Volsted Act went into effect. This act enabled the legislation for the amendment that prohibited manufacturing, sale and transport of alcoholic beverages; this policy is collectively termed “Prohibition”.  Those who were in support of the Prohibition were motivated by the desire to reduce the detrimental effect of...

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Indigent Representation

Abstract The Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution affords each citizen the right to due process of the law, and the right to adequate counsel. If this is a right, why are the poor subjected to unfair treatment in judicial proceedings in the form of either inadequate or inappropriate...

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Client/Constituency Involvement and Empowerment

My social service agency is a private mental hospital. Services include inpatient and outpatient treatments for mental illnesses and drug addiction. Much of the status of our clients' rights and protections are provided by law. Of course, the hospital prioritizes a medical model of treatment. There are 20 psychiatrists, but...

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Assessment Questions

11. Due to a number of regulatory bodies that stipulates requirements of buildings, sometimes the requirements overlap and being compliant to one can imply compliance to one or more others. Differences in the requirements can occur in the description of the requirements themselves or in the definitions of major terminologies....

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Hearsay Exclusions

In a federal court of law it is not admissible to factually enter an individual’s statement when that particular statement is not evidentially backed. There are 24 exceptions to this federal rule (Find Law, 2016). Of these rules include such things as excited utterance, statements against interest, and matter of...

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