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Confrontation Skills

Scenarios Scenario #1: Rose has expressed that she did not want to live if Jack died. However, when it came to a choice between whether Jack or she would live, she chose to live. Counselor: “You have said that if Jack died, you wouldn’t want to live. But when it...

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The Admissibility of Digital Photographs in the Courtroom

The Federal Rules of Evidence do not provide any implicit procedural statements concerning digital photographs, only providing a general definition of a photograph, which has left state courts to decide on rules concerning admissibility (Levy-Sachs & Archambault, 2008). Thus, until recently there was very little case law in which to...

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Delays and Contracts

Delays in accomplishing a task could lead to the termination of a contract, cancellation of payment, and legal suits which would result in serious losses for the company. The management should, therefore, take the appropriate action to ensure delays are avoided at all costs. Basically, delays lead to changes of...

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Disclosing Officer Untruthfulness to the Defense: Is a Liar’s Squad Coming to Your Town?

The justice system of the United States is meant to protect the rights of the accused, who are innocent until proven guilty, often with the qualification of beyond a shadow of a doubt. This means providing the jury with all the evidence in order to facilitate their assessment of the...

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Analysis of DPF

Hundreds of people in the United States of America die in the hands of law enforcers every year. There is none who can tell the exact number of individuals killed by the police since most of the states do not keep such records. Limited data regarding the issue suggests that...

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